The wonderful new FGN (Fujigen) J Standard Odyssey (JOS2DUFMR-TPF) - First UK Sighting!

Fujigen J Standard fgn-jos2dufmr-tpf

Fujigen Guitars have a long and proud history in the guitar industry.

Renowned for producing the finest production electric guitars in the World - The biggest brand names in the World who want the highest quality instruments go to Fujigen factory.

IF you buy a FGN branded guitar you are buying into Fujigen MINUS all the marketing, hype and player endorsements that all add to the cost of your guitar.

This latest FGN J Standard Odyssey is a perfect example of their incredible - (and I mean flawless) quality.

This guitar is right in the Musicman market - players who know what quality really is and are looking beyond the image of the brand itself.


Buy FGN JOS Trans Purple Flat Online (and see more pics!)

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