Vintage Custom Pro - Explained

Vintage Custom Pro - Explained
Vintage Custom Pro
Vintage guitars are renowned for their value for money - that is unquestionable.
With value and lower prices there comes a trade off between accepting certain problems/issue and accepting this is going to happen when overall the guitar offers such fantastic "value".
This is exactly where the "Vintage Custom Pro" seal of quality assurance bridges that gap between "value" and assured quality.
Here is a video that I produced which demonstrates the difference between buying a Vintage guitar from ourselves with our full assurance and certification and from a mainstream retailer/online store.

Don't have time to watch the video?

Let me give you a basic overview of what happens on this guitars journey - and remember every guitar that arrives will naturally be different.

* Initial inspection of the guitar was very positive.  Lovely finish, grain was gorgeous and overall nothing jumped out as being an "issue" cosmetically.  This isn't always the case at at this price point and we will make a decision as to what is or is not acceptable to meet our standards

* The guitars string were wrapped when we took the guitar out the box.  This is the first sign the guitar was produced in Indonesia, wrapped and packed - sent thousands of miles to the UK and hasn't been adjusted since.  At this price point that is not surprising and not a criticism of the brand.  As you can imagine the humidity in Indonesia is a little different to that of the UK.  This fact alone can lead to various issues occurring which may not have even been there when the guitar was cleared through the factory.

* Once the guitar was on the bench the first notable adjustment was to a tone control.  It was very loose.  No big deal - Remove the control, tighten with a spanner and job done - but if the guitar had arrived to the customer like that it would have been at best an unnecessary disappointment and at worst a trip to a tech to have it tightened up.

* The technician always checks the nut not only for string height but also to see if the nut itself is cut "sharp".  In this case he spent some time taking the sharp burs off the edges of the nut so the nut has a soft edged and truly pro feel.  The result is that when you play your barre chords at the F your hand wont catch on sharp edges.  It wasn't a FAULT before - but it is now a better feeling more professional playing instrument

* The tech found the nut slots to be cut too low which could result in poor performance, buzzing frets.  So he did the necessary work to raise the nut slots to the correct height

* During his standard setup routine Chris found a couple of high points in the fretboard and sharp fret edges all of which were reduced/smoothed off as necessary resulting in a lovely comfortable feeling neck and the ability to reduce the action of the guitar so it plays like a professional instrument.

* Whilst checking the pickup height Chris noted the back pickup was incredibly close to the strings.  The pickup is actually a magnet and when it gets this close to the strings it pulls the strings down toward it resulting in poor intonation.  Once again its not hard to remedy this - just more time and having the knowledge what to do.

The points raised above are the "highlights" of our comprehensive quality control and professional setup.  Our professional setup also ensures the intonation, action, frets - everything necessary is adjusted to ensure the guitar plays at its optimum standard but what the points above highlight is that the technician is looking to ensure EVERY aspect of the guitar is improved if it can be within the time spent working on the guitar.

Any guitar that we feel cannot be adjusted to our standard will be rejected and we are fully supported by and work hand in hand with Vintage guitars to provide you this service.  If a part is not working they may forward us the part or we may return the guitar to them for evaluation / replacement.  We could not sell Vintage guitars without the full support and co-operation of Vintage guitars whom we are so immensely grateful support our commitment to quality.

If you have any further questions on our Vintage "Custom Pro" seal of quality please do get in touch with me via the live chat.  I will be happy to answer any questions.

Every Vintage "Custom Pro" guitar comes with decal on the back of the headstock and certificate so you can show this for future proof of provenance.


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