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Article: What Are The Benefits Of A Short Scale Acoustic Guitar?

What Are The Benefits Of A Short Scale Acoustic Guitar?

My friends at Dowina Guitar are now offering a short scale option on their custom builds.  I have to admit I have been badgering them for SO long for two things..... Short scale and 12 fret neck joins - and OMG they have gone and developed both for me (well... and the rest of the World of course).

So why have I been pestering them for short scale acoustic guitars?  Well - its not a case of being "better" - but they really do provide an amazing solution for so many areas people get frustrated with.

I have my own personal reasons for the short scale series that I am developing with Dowina Guitars - but here is a more complete overview of the benefits of short scale acoustic guitars and if you see yourself appreciating any of these attributes then maybe short scale will suit you too :)

The term "short scale" refers to guitars with a shorter neck length compared to standard guitars. Here are some benefits of short scale acoustic guitars:

  1. Ease of Playability:

    • Shorter neck length makes it easier for players with smaller hands or those transitioning from smaller instruments.
    • Reduced string tension can make fretting and bending strings more comfortable.
  2. Ideal for Beginners:

    • Beginner-friendly due to the reduced finger stretch required to play chords.
    • Easier for new players to build finger strength and dexterity.
  3. Comfortable for Travel:

    • Compact size and reduced overall length make short scale guitars more portable and suitable for travel.
  4. Lighter Weight:

    • Generally lighter than standard guitars, making them more comfortable to hold and play for extended periods.
  5. Unique Tone Characteristics:

    • Shorter scale length can contribute to a different tonal quality, often described as warmer and more focused.
  6. Versatility in Playing Styles:

    • Suitable for various playing styles, including fingerstyle and strumming, due to the comfortable fretting and reduced string tension.
  7. Great for Certain Genres:

    • Well-suited for genres like blues and folk where a warmer, more intimate sound is desirable.
  8. Accessible for Children:

    • Short scale guitars are often recommended for young players as they are easier to manage in terms of size and weight.
  9. Reduced String Tension:

    • Shorter scale length can result in lower string tension, which can be less fatiguing for players and may reduce the risk of hand strain.
  10. Unique Aesthetics:

    • Some players appreciate the compact and distinctive look of short scale guitars, adding a unique visual element to their collection.
  11. Increased Bending Range:

    • The shorter scale length allows for easier string bending, facilitating expressive playing techniques.
  12. Customization Options:

    • Some players prefer the customization options available with short scale guitars, as they can experiment with different string gauges and still maintain playability.

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