April 11, 2019


The Best Portable Busking Amp? Kinsman KAA70 Acoustic Amp

Wow wow wow!

The Kinsman KAA70.  What can I say?  Needless to say I have big smile on my face whilst writing this...

Finding a decent, affordable acoustic guitar amp is never an easy task.  Quite often tonally uninspiring and my general advice is save a little longer for something like an Acus - but this has all been thrown on its head now this little beauty has turned up.

At just £399 its not "toooo" expensive but you get SO many wonderful features its worth every penny.

I have never had so much fun - and that is what guitar playing should be all about.

This little beauty turns playing your acoustic guitar on your own into something so much more special - whether you are wanting to go busking, playing for your own pleasure in the back garden or even just in your lounge.  This has something for everyone.  I LOVE IT!

It comes with a quality carry case .  Its great to see they have thought hard about the practical use of this amp.  If you are travelling from place to place then you want a really comfortable method of carrying it and they have nailed this straight off.  It acts like a back pack - perfect!

With twin inputs this amp is set up for vocalist and musician - or two musical instruments if necessary - along with bluetooth connection so you can play along.  The results are inspiring.

It has so many well thought out features I felt it important to put this video together the day it arrived in - so these are my first experiences with the amp - and trust me I DON'T impress easily when it comes to affordable acoustic guitar amps!  This one did far more than that I assure you.  It blew me away in terms of fun for pound spent!

Enjoy the video!

If you buy the Kinsman acoustic amp with a guitar at the same time, please quote STRAPTOO  at the checkout and you will be rewarded with a hand made leather guitar strap - the highest quality you will ever experience FREE of charge (worth £89 - visit for details)


BUY Kinsman KAA70 HERE


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January 27, 2019


Eastman Double Top Acoustic Guitars - An Overview

What Eastman Guitars Say About The Double Top Acoustic Guitar

The new Double Top Series might look familiar. On closer inspection, though, this instrument is anything but.

To the eye, the Double Top seems like your classic flattop, traditional in the very best senses of the word. The ear however tells a different story. The Double Top’s sound is noticeably more resonant and responsive, with greater note clarity and balance. While still delivering all the tonal sensitivity and versatility players expect from an elite-quality acoustic, the guitar’s sheer sonic presence is undeniable.

How does the Double Top pull it off, this blend of the classical and the forward-thinking, of delicacy and strength? As usual, the answer is rooted in thoughtful craftsmanship.

The technique, developed over many years, reflects a concentrated effort to add backbone to lighter tonewood. To construct the Double Top body, a pair of one-millimeter-thin slices of spruce are joined with an equally thin strip of printed material called Nomex, which resembles a thin shaving of a honeycomb.


Eastman Double Top DT30GACE
Eastman Double Top Electro Acoustic Guitar


Nomex, a resinous substance patented by its maker, DuPont, was originally devised for use in the aerospace industry. On its own, the material is nearly weightless, composed almost entirely of air. Set upright between the pieces of spruce, it acts like a rigid wall, adding layers of density and depth.

Meticulous craftsmanship ensures that this density never compromises the inherent lightness of the material – and lighter material means greater possible sonic range. The Double Top can still respond to any vibration, accommodating slower playing for bass frequencies and faster playing for the trebles. The instrument is thus capable of carving out its space across a spectrum of styles and settings, from delicate solo picking to larger band arrangements.

The Double Top reflects the continuous push to move the craft forward in new directions. A keen awareness of musicians’ expectations, and an unshaking commitment to surpassing those expectations, is how relationships between guitar players and guitar makers evolve into something special. In its drive for excellence, this dedication will forge in any direction – sometimes, as with the Double Top, under the radar and under the hood.

As for the name: it speaks for itself. If you were to peer closely at its cross section, you’ll be able to see two thin layers of spruce supported by the reinforced honeycomb structure. Hence: Double Top.

So, technically, you could see the difference. But in this case, the real magic comes from below the surface. The proof is in the sound.


What I Say About The Eastman Double Top Acoustic Guitar

In my 24 years in the guitar industry I have heard many claims MOST of which are a new way to sell you the idea that cutting corners is better for you!  Gibson weight relief, Martins laminated necks, Taylors expression system - In my opinion all ways of making savings whilst packaging it as a breakthrough.

The wonderful thing about Eastman is in my experience I have only ever witnessed the most courageous developments.  I witness tone, value and unique qualities that I have never experienced in other brands.

So why would they do this - unless there was something really in it?  They are a brand that doesn't sell on the name alone - they sell on people getting them in their hands and saying "WOW!!!!!"  So this excites me.

What excites me further is that the double top concept and recognition of the double top and its incredible benefits to tone are NOT NEW!!!  They are about 30 years old!  Originally developed by a renowned Classical guitar builder and since adopted by some of the Worlds finest boutique guitar builders.

Such skill, time and knowledge is required to pull off the Double Top design that no mass production company would touch it.

As Eastman Guitars are totally hand made this does make the double top concept an incredibly interesting and viable process - but lets just wait and see - I CANNOT WAIT THOUGH!!!!

I will keep you posted!

January 26, 2019


Order Your Sheeran Guitar & Receive FREE Dakota Leather Walsall Guitar Strap Worth £119

Sheeran Guitars

Well the order is in and we are expecting the full range of Sheeran guitars (8 models) to arrive in April/May.  Needless to say nobody can get them any quicker - I got our order in the same evening the announcement came through to ensure I was top of the list!

In a very short period of time we have already received 3 orders but if we take as many orders as I am expecting - unsecured  - it could prove to be quite a headache.

So on this occasion I will be taking a £119 deposit - to secure your guitar.

But guess what....

You will in return receive a  FREE Dakota Leather guitar strap worth £119

This strap is literally the finest guitar strap money can buy and it will be yours to keep as way of saying thank you for your commitment to ordering the Sheeran guitar when they arrive.

When your guitar arrives you will pay only the balance of your guitar minus the £119 you have already paid - yep - your Dakota strap will be yours totally free of charge.

Hope you love the offer - I could not be more proud of the straps so I thought it was a nice "tie in".  

Here is a letter from a recent recipient...

" Richard I just want to confirm I have received my Walsall guitar strap and I have to say I have never experienced such a comfortable strap in all my 40 years of playing guitar.  This will see me to my grave "

If you see the offer on the product page - You are in luck!  Just place your order and you will get your free guitar strap sent to you as soon as you have paid your deposit for the Sheeran Guitar.

Free Dakota Leather Guitar Strap By Walsall

January 24, 2019


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