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Best Acoustic Guitars Under £200

Its quite a daunting task trying to find "the best acoustic guitars under £200" especially if you are typing that phrase into Google.  You will find an incredible array of results.

As a guitar specialist of 24 years and possibly the first to sell guitars online please watch my video on the subject of "best guitars under £200" as this will hopefully give you a fresh perspective - and take some of the worry out of making the wrong decision.

If you watch the video and take on the advice I don't think you can go too far wrong.

My live chat is open all hours so click on it - use me!  

The LAG T70A shown below is a stunning guitar and top personal recommendation under £200 - set up to perfection in our workhop before sale.  (Don't forget about that side of our service too!)


Best Acoustic Guitars Under £200

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