Cort Gold Guitars

    The Cort Gold Series Guitars are possibly Corts strongest series of guitars.  All solid wood acoustic guitars and electro acoustic guitars which epitomize Cort guitars strengths in modern manufacturing processes.

    Did you know that Cort manufacturer guitars for some of the largest guitar brands in the World?  They are called upon to produce guitars for these brands in order that they do not need to invest in their own workshops.

    So when you buy an Ibanez, Fender, Schecter, Musicman, G&L and frankly the list goes on and on you are actually buying a Cort produced guitar!

    The Gold Series brings together all of the Cort guitars finest processes like torrification of the spruce tops (heating them to artificially reproduce the ageing proces) - Electro static finishing (a process the guarantees the lightest possible lacquer which is perfectly distributed to avoid over spray) - and incredible build quality overall.

    The Gold Series are a stunning range so just click on the chat for more personal advice and recommendations.