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D'Angelico Premier Series Electric Guitars

D'Angelico Premier Series guitars are utterly STUNNING electric guitars which combine style with immense quality.

The Premier series models are "meant" to be their "entry" level price point - yet as a guitar specialist of 25 years and being around guitars since I was 8 years old I can tell you there is NOTHING budget about their "entry" price point - In fact I personally feel they are TOO good leaving me a little stumped at some of the higher price points.  Quite often its down to color / pickups and maybe some hardware variation but the essense of the guitar - its quality - its personality & vibe are ALL present in the Premier models - hence why I love them so much, especially if you want something different from the crowd.

With a range of models to choose from we are here to help you with the D'Angelico Premier Series guitar

In the mean time check out this video of me discussing the Premier Brighton


D'Angelico Premier Series Electric Guitars

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