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Dowina OM Body Guitars

Its hard to believe that Dowina waited until 2022 to build their first Dowina OM body guitar!  

It may seem totally crazy but the reality is they are a small boutique guitar builder and they have been kept so busy with what they already do - and they didnt ever want to rush the development of their new Dowina OM bodies.  Thank GOODNESS they didnt because the results are just out of this world.

The first Dowina OM I saw was the "Aura" (which requires an entire write-up for itself as it has a number of incredible design developments that could transform acoustic guitar building - but like I say - that's another story!!)   I have the first ever made and have no intention of selling it - so please do feel free to visit and experience it.  I am hoping to have it reviewed by Guitarist Magazine when I can find the time.

Every Dowina guitar is hand made so for 2023 - to ensure we are able to supply our customers the very finest Dowina OM body guitars, I have created a short list of my top personal favorite concepts and made them part of my Dowina 2023 Collection.

Each guitar listed should show the date we expect to receive it and if you reserve it - that Dowina OM body guitar will be yours.

By the way! - the title OMG?  Its a lovely story.  My first ever Dowina video was titled "Dowina Guitars.... OMG!" .  When I saw the Aura I said to Erika "OMG" and she said - "thats exactly what I said - The OMG OM!!!" .... from that moment on - in my heart and mind it didnt matter WHAT they call it officially - to me it always will be the OMG

To this date I am not entirely sure what the "official" title is (possibly "Gold" which by chance also spells OMG anyway lol!!! (OM.... Gold) - I think too much....

OK - As for pictures and descriptions?  I am DOING MY BEST every day to bring you the detail as it occurs.  As of 1st February as I write this - The prices are correct - the model codes and titles are reasonable, and I want to work through each one describing them and then of course I will provide photos as they begin to arrive - but its hard when they haven't been made yet! 

So please do accept that whilst what you see is the results of many months of product developments and planning my side - its still incredibly early days in terms of delivering you the lovely details and pictures you naturally want to see.   This is the World of genuine hand made guitars - it rewards the patient :)

For further inspiration you could look at the GAC body shapes which will give you an idea of the overall aesthetic.

 Naturally - I am unbelievably excited to bring you this information and if you have found this page - and are looking for an OM body acoustic guitar - you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful instrument built with true skill, love and passion than a Dowina - at a price that is a fraction of what you would normally expect to pay for a hand made guitar of this quality. 


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