Eastman Electro Acoustic Guitars

    For years and years I have been helping my customers avoid the marketing machines and mass hype that enables brands such asTaylor and Martin guitars to price their instuments well beyond their "true" value.  What I mean by that is the value the guitar represents as an instrument - and not a badge.

    No other brand in the World at this time demonstrates this better than the brand whose origins were in the World of hand made violins - who only in the last decade have become synonymous with Top Class Archtop & Acoustic guitars.

    Eastman guitars are made using only the most traditional techniques.  Chisels, scrapers  and other traditional tools combine with immense human skill to form every Eastman creation.

    If you are unaware of JUST how unique Eastman Guitars are in terms of their hand made nature (a word often used but rarely supported in truth) please visit this page I have created that shows the guitars being made & compares Eastman Guitar Production to that of a Modern manufacturer such as Taylor guitars.  

    The highest grade tone woods are also utilized - Mahogany on an Eastman is like no other mahogany you will be used to seeing I assure you!  They use the same wood suppys as used by the likes of Collings (also hand made acoustics but will cost you many many thousands of pounds more)..