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G&L Tribute Series Guitars

As of August 2018 I have called it a day on G&L Tribute Guitars..

For the past 2 years I have suffered the most ridiculous problems trying to support a brand I have sold for 23 years.

When a brand cannot supply a guitar without some form of problem when it retails at near enough 500 GBP it is just not acceptable espeially when they feel this is not a problem.

I have seen 2 distributors now TRY and FAIL to support me with this line  whilst having to cope with the arrogance of the Directors of BBE Sound who own the brand now.

The product line is set to move to a third new distributor and I am not prepared to continue banging my head against a brick wall to support a line that does not deserve my attention any more.

At what point G&L became as bad as Gibson for their uncaring attitude for quality I could not say but its been a gradual process over the past few years.

Sincere apologies to anyone hoping to buy a G&L.

The good news is I continue to focus on guitars I love and can truly personally endorse so please do consider buying a hand made Gordon Smith guitar who can emulate any G&L specification for 800 GBP.  Imagine?  Hand wound pickups - a guitar that you can watch being made here in the UK - visit their workshop and see TRUE quality of the highest levels being produced.  They put G&L and other mass producers of guitars to shame.

I will be posting a video on this subject shortly which I will include in this space when its done.

G&L Tribute Series Guitars

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