Guild Starfire Guitars

Guild Starfire Guitars


    The Guild Starfire range provide guitarists a wonderful array of semi hollow guitar  designs with prices starting at under £500.

    Guild electric guitars are incredibly well made and really do have great "mojo" (that "thing" that is so hard to describe but puts a big smile on your face when you pick it up)

    So proud to be representing Guild electric guitars and rest assured every Starfire gets setup in our workshop to the highest of standards.

    Guild Starfire guitars are split into 2 main categories.  "Full Hollow Body"  & "Semi Hollow Body"

    Guild Starfire guitars with a centre block (semi hollow) are less likely to feedback at higher volumes or when over driven.  Fullow hollow bodied Starfire models tend to be more focused toward jazz blues styles.

    The Guild Starfire I, IV,V & VI are all semi hollow whilst the Starfire III has a full hollow body.