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Larson Acoustic Guitars

Larson acoustic guitars were made by the Larson brothers in Sweden from the 1890s to around 1940s.  Despite an incredible reputation for unbeatable tone and innovation in acoustic guitar design, the brand ceased to continue beyond the brothers own lifetimes.  Nothing was passed forward - quite a remarkable story when you realise just how well regarded these acoustics were.

In 2013, the new Larson workshop was built in Boutier Saint-Trojan/France headed by one of Europe’s most distinguished luthiers, Maurice Dupont. There, in the western region of France, guitars are being built whose sound & construction technique are unique to Larson.

It is a pleasure to be personally involved with raising awareness of Maurice Duponts new Larson acoustic range.  Numbers are tiny but each one is worth waiting for and I have a special interest in his relic'd range which have to be seen/heard to be believed.  

If you want the look, sound and feel of a an acoustic with Vintage Heritage look no further than Larson - quite remarkable.


Larson Acoustic Guitars

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