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Lowden Acoustic Guitars

We are so proud to have been given the opportunity to join Lowdens select dealer base in the UK.  

Please do chat to Richard online for advice on Lowden acoustic guitars.

Our production schedule is based around a 12 month cycle.  However we are able to bring orders forward as long as they are scheduled in some way.

We currently have a number of "open" slots which we have not specified the details of the build but have committed to the production in that period.  What this basically means is you can place an order and we will have the guitar built using one of our allocated slots AND bring it forward from whatever month it was allocated - enabling you to get your hands on it within 12 weeks.

Hope that makes sense!! All you have to know is if you don't see a guitar you want we can currently get it made for you within 12 weeks!

Lowden Acoustic Guitars

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