Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR
Furch GN4SR

Furch GN4SR

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" The Furch GN4 is quite simply the most stunning sounding nylon I have ever experienced - and plays like an acoustic! The ultimate Classical hybrid "


If you have always loved the sound of the nylon strung guitar but have been put off by the enorrnous clubby neck and 12th fret neck join - join the club! But things are changing and the classical guitar world is realizing that there is a market for introducing a more user friendly experience for all those steel strung players out there.

However - the GN4 is not only an incredible hybrid guitar but its frankly the nicest classical guitar I have ever seen and heard. Every single aspect of this guitar is stunning. It looks stunning, it feels stunning and it sounds simply out of this world with enormous natural resonance - notes seem to ring forever if left to do so!

If you want a serious nylon strung guitar ignore this at your peril. Personally I would take this guitar over most acoustics now I have experienced it myself - and I play steel strung!

  • Solid TopWestern Red Cedar
  • Solid Back And SidesIndian Rosewood
  • BindingArtificial Tortoise with Contrast Lining
  • PurflingBlack & White Lining
  • RosetteSolid Tortoise Ring
  • BridgeEbony
  • SaddleBlack TUSQ
  • String Spacing at the Bridge55 mm
  • StringsSavarez Alliance 500AJ HT
  • Top FinishHigh Gloss
  • Back & Sides FinishHigh Gloss
  • Pick GuardAnti Scratch Transparent
  • Nut Width45 mm
  • Scale Length650 mm
  • Fingerboard MaterialEbony
  • Fingerboard Radius400 mm
  • Headstock OverlayEbony
  • Headstock InlayQuadratic Tortoise Inlay
  • Neck MaterialAfrican Mahogany
  • Machine HeadsSchaller Hauser Chrome
  • Machine Head ButtonsPolished Ebony
  • NutBlack TUSQ
  • String Spacing at the Nut38 mm
  • StringsSavarez Alliance 500AJ HT
  • Neck FinishSatin Smooth-Slide Finish
  • Headstock FinishHigh Glossy
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      Furch Guitars Specialist
      Where do I start?
      Furch (Or Stonebridge as they were then known) was the brand that made me realise that what you think you know - isn't always as much as you would hope!  As a guitar specialist I was proud even back then of my experiences and desire to help focus my customers attention to what I believed were the best guitars to buy.  Furch tought me that you can only base your views on the experiences you have had through life - and this is why I now talk about "your truth / my truth".  Your truth on the best guitars out there may be different to mine A) because we simply have different taste but more often than not B) We haven't shared the exact same experiences.
      Sadly main stream retail pushes mainstream brands.  This is due to availability and ease of sale due to the masses of marketing that goes into the brand.  As a result all you see is Taylor, Martin, Takamine - you know - you have seen them in every major outlet!!!
      So what about Furch?  World class.  Pretty much sums them up for me!  
      From as little as £849 for an all solid acoustic guitar that has tone and feel to die for.  Out of this world.
      Made in the Czech Republic and I have been promoting them for at least 15 years now.
      We are the UKS largest, dedicated Furch guitar specialist.  I chat with the UK distributor on an almost daily basis and have all the stock information to hand.
      All I ask is that before you spend your hard earned money on a mainstream guitar brand - start investigating FURCH.  Check out Youtube videos - read my customer reviews from over the years and listen to PLAYERS.... Not retailers!
      In the video below I show you the guitar I mentioned before.  The Furch Blue G  CMC.  A top personal recommendation for anyone wanting a World Class acoustic under £1000.
      Check it out on my site here too...