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Sheeran Guitars By Lowden

Sheeran Guitars By Lowden

Sheeran Guitars By Lowden

UPDATE:  August 14th 2019

We will be receiving the first shipment the week of 23 September.  This will cover all our long standing back orders since the original launch at Xmas.  This will be followed a week later with free stock for fresh orders.

George Lowden made a Wee Lowden for Ed Sheeran a year or so ago.  Despite being an endorsee for Martin Ed fell in love with his new Wee Lowden! 

2 years on and Ed Sheeran has begun using Lowden guitars on his recordings and tours.  

2019 sees Eds association with Lowden develop even further with Ed having his own range of guitars produced based around the gorgeous Wee Lowden and the ever popular S body shape.

This is an extraordinary development and I am so proud to play my part of the Lowden story.

Sheeran Guitars By Lowden

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