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About The Brands

Richards Guitars represents a personal collection of recommended instruments based on 18 years of research and 30+ years of playing guitar.

For 14 years Richard was responsible for the sale of 8-10 guitars a day, each and every one setup to perfection pre sale.   Most leading brands were sold during this time and it enabled Richard to gain a unique level of insight into the build quality and business practice of such brands.

The fact that Richard closed this business as he could not stand being part of an industry based so largely on marketing, hype and mass hysteria speaks volumes for many of the brands people "buy into" today.

The guitars available for sale are instruments Richard would recommend to his best friend, instruments he knows are benchmarks in the industry.

Many of the brands Richard has been dealing with for nearly 15 years and over this time Richard has built strong working relationships with the suppliers in order to further improve service to his customers.

If you want an honest, professional and dedicated consultant to help advise on your next purchase Richard is available by live help most hours but most importantly do remember that the brands listed are ALL worthy of your interest and each one will be setup to perfection.