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Can You Trust Richards Guitars?

I have specialised in selling only guitars I truly love and can recommend for 29 years.

Every single guitar setup to perfection - backed up by sincere advice with only your interests at heart.

Our back up service is second to none.


We provide thousands of customer experiences which are available through Trustpilot, Google, Judge.Me, Facebook and other online resources.  

We are 100% transparent.  You will see the little badge below that proves we show every single customer review - better or worse - unlike online stores who use review platforms like FEEFO which tend to be used by Companies who want to control the perception of their business and disable negative reviews (used by my many guitar retail sites ).  My advice would be to disregard any reviews you find on FEEFO!  Read more here)

Based on 3271 reviews
Lovely Guitar

Really enjoying the guitar. I am a beginner, but the finish and quality is first rate. I feel compelled to keep picking it up and making effort to learn. Richard's guitars is a goldmine, and it has been a real pleasure dealing with them. The guitar was very expertly packed and arrived in great condition. The shop has a great philosophy and I would have no hesitation in using again. Highly recommend them.

Furch Yellow OM-SR Orchestra model Acoustic Guitar
Colin Ross (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Introduction to Furch Guitars

I recently started playing guitar again & bought a Taylor BB, big mistake. While looking for a Martin I came across reviews for Furch and decided to give them a try and bought a Furch D blue. I was so impressed that I upgraded al little and added an OM yellow, I love it both aesthetically, tone and ease of playing. I am now considering going for one of the red series. Unfortunately most of them are not in stock but this will give me time to consider which one to choose. Thank you Richard’s Guitars.

Eastman E1 OM Inc Premium Eastman Gigbag
Philip Nash (Bournemouth, United Kingdom)
Jury is out

Being mainly electric low action would have been nice. Not willing to drive from the south coast. I put my self into the hands of Richard guitars. £519 is a should have played it.
So didn’t have the finish I wanted, made do with the standard finish and wood. Plenty of updates going to the work shop etc.
So what an arrived.

Unpolished frets.
Not sure any animal died in the making of the bridge or nut. Bone?
Now allowing for this is my first acoustic guitar since 1974 I realise I’ve been spoilt string and action wise. As I’m only a bedroom balladeer my capabilities are well with this guitar so alls good.

Richard all I did was copy you in your vid. Stretched the string across the frets 5th 12th fret. I’ve known smoother house bricks. The Guildford Tescos ( guitar playing Sandi Tosvik) is an hour and half away. Perhaps next time.

Looks a sound guitar. I willing to put the effort in to love it.

Eastman E1D
Terry Mitchell (Limassol, Cyprus)

I was enthused by Richard's video review of the Eastman E1D and enquired if one could be sent to my home in Cyprus. "But of course!" was the swift reply.
A few life issues got in the way but my guitar was eventually delivered by courier and found to be in faultless, wonderful condition. I am daily amazed and delighted by its sound.
In spite of the hold-ups, that were not of the team's making, I don't think I have ever been so painlessly separated from my money, nor so happy as a result!
Thanks guys. I am so happy to recommend you all. Five stars are not enough!

SMJ LEGEND Series EQ "Control" Pedal
martin vella (Fakenham, United Kingdom)
A great addition

Excellent piece of kit. A great addition to tweak the sound of any guitar. Very well made and durable.

Godin Session RHT Pro Electric Guitar ~ Carbon White
Chris Sellars (Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Really nice quality guitar

I can’t thank Richard’s Guitar enough as they were so helpful and patient throughout the purchase process. Initially I was a little disappointed with the finish on the guitar but I now have got used tho this and it is a really quality guitar with good quality fitted hardware. I will certainly use Richard’s Guitar again.

Amazing budget travel guitar

I am really pleased with the guitar and the service I received from Richards Guitars. I paid extra for the setup and I am glad I did as it plays really well.

Second acoustic and another great buying experience

This was my second buying experience from Richards Guitars,love the selection and quality from makers such as Dowina,Furch and Auden.The quality for the price you pay is a lot higher in my opinion.My first choice was a Dowina Acero which still makes me smile every time I play it.This time I chose a Furch OM Vintage 2 which compliments it beautifully.The quality of these two guitars is amazing.The buying experience from beginning was great again, dealing with Jon etc. Played so many amazing guitars but the Furch grabbed me this time.The guitar was set up nicely and I received within a week this time.Thank you again guys... I totally recommend.
Simon Rees

Furch Blue GC SW

We managed to get to view the guitars at short notice as we travelled from Cardiff without booking an appointment.

The guys in the showroom could not have been more helpful. They even set out all the Dowina guitars, so I could compare them both visually and for playability.

There was no pressure or time constraints and after being in the showroom for nearly two hours I eventually plumped for the Furch Blue GC SW.

I am thrilled with my purchase and thanks again to everyone at Richard's Guitars for being so helpful and understanding.

Danelectro Vintage 12 string guitar

Great guitar for the price. Good service and the included set up is a welcome bonus. The set up takes the risk out of buying an unopened box.

Great guitar, great service. Recommended.

The Auden Emily Rose Maple & Spruce is a beautiful guitar, that much is obvious from the pictures alone. I'm pleased to say, the playability and tone are every bit as satisfying. Great build quality and fantastic materials and at this price. Exceptional. It is also the first acoustic guitar I've bought that I haven't needed to set-up myself. Also great service from Richard's Guitars, so impressed I've just pushed the button on my second guitar from them!

Beautiful guitar, beautiful service

I love buying guitars from Richards Guitars because even though I have never been to the shop in person, I feel like I know Jake, John, Richard and everyone else in the team. The response time to questions is amazing. The honesty and experience behind the recommendations is amazing. The focus on actual quality rather than on big names is amazing. This guitar is gorgeous to play and much more comfortable to sit and hold than I expected. Maybe the slope shoulders and short scale are the key to this. The sound is strong and dynamic, the neck is smooth and easy. I love it. I also have the smaller E1OO-SS, which is also fantastic. I can heartily recommend this guitar if you like the 43mm nut and short scale feel. I use nickel bronze strings which seem to suit the guitar well.

As previously mentioned, the setup,

As previously mentioned, the setup, brilliant.

Appetite For Destruction

Great setup, and delightfully surprised at the performance of the Wilkinson 'zebras'. Everything arrived intact and after the obligatory shafting by the Spanish customs authorities (huge thanks to the Brexit bobble heads), still a bargain with the canvas gig bag.


Good to get it set up properly, especially for a budget guitar.

Great experience dealing with the guys

I bought a Dowina OMG rosewood guitar it is the best acoustic I have played it was dispatched very quickly and the service could not have been better.

Quick review first - This

Quick review first - This is a great little guitar for the price. I haven’t tried any of the others of this sort, like the Baby Taylors or Little Martins, but I can’t think how they could be better. This is all solid wood and really well finished with a great tone and good volume. If you want a small, short-scale electro-acoustic guitar I can recommend it.
Longer review - I have bought guitars from Richards Guitars a long time ago and was very pleased with the guitars and service, so I approached them for advice on a good small short-scale guitar. I wanted a short-scale guitar as I have increasing arthritis in my hands and hoped this would be easier to play. I’d first thought of a Cort mini, but Jon took me through some options (by email) and suggested that, as I didn’t want it for travel, the more expensive, all solid wood hand-made Eastman might suit me better. I researched it online, read and listened to lots of reviews and comparisons, and decided to go for it. I’m glad I did. It is a very well finished and well set-up guitar. The tone is excellent. It doesn’t match the richness of my 21-year-old Taylor 414, but I wouldn’t really expect it to. It’s hard to describe tone, but I’d say it is bright and punchy rather than being mellow. It has very good sustain and feels that (unlike my playing) it will just improve with age. It’s a very good looking guitar too, with a matt finish and very tasteful tortoiseshell type binding. And at the moment it seems to be cheaper at Richards Guitars than elsewhere. One word of warning though, there was some hold-up with delivery of the guitar from Eastman and a guitar that should have been available within 7-10 days actually took 11 weeks to arrive, so if you need it quickly check before buying. Richards Guitars clearly weren’t expecting this delay either when I ordered, and when the delay became apparent Jon kindly offered me a very nice leather strap and arranged for a strap pin to be added to the heel free of charge. Both Jon and Jake offered to supply an alternative Eastman guitar if I couldn’t wait, but I’m glad I did wait.
As regards the arthritis, I think the short scale will help a bit, time will tell, but even if it doesn’t it was a good excuse to buy a nice new guitar.

Eastman E40OM-TC
Pierre T.
Incroyablement encore meilleure qu’espérée

La E40OM-Tc préparée par Richards guitars est incroyablement bien réglée, montée avec les cordes souhaitées et tellement douée par elle même que je ne reconnais plus mon jeu. Quel chance d’avoir eu accès à cette boutique d’exception. Merci à l’équipe gentille et attentive du début de la prise de contact à la réception de la belle.

Eastman E20p TC

I've only had this guitar for a few hours but I am blown away by it. No photographs can do it justice, no words can describe how effortless it is to play. It took a while for it to be built by Eastman but it was definitely worth the wait and the service from Richard's Guitars was second to none. If you have any doubts over the quality of Eastman Guitars by all means go and pay £5k for an inferior Martin but the rest of us will enjoy truly sensational instrument for a third of the price.

A great personalised sales experience

A great personalised sales experience with contact from staff rather than automated emails, and effort to accommodate my preferred delivery day. The tree was a nice touch, too.

A really good guitar but sadly……

For two days this was a really excellent guitar at a bargain price. Both the neck and pickup quality are worth a mention.
On day three the selector switch failed leaving just the bridge pickup available. Rather than attempt to wrap and post it back it has gone to a local music shop for repair. No big deal. Nice instrument.

Great guitar, fantastic quality, plays great although a bit heavy. The EMG pickups sound fat and powerful with each humbucker having a very different tone to each other. The tobacco burst is really nice and looks great on my Instagram. My only fault is that Richards take there time getting your guitar to you. They claim it's for the professional setup (which IS evident), so I suppose its just a case of you can't have everything and they do communicate well. There wasn't much choice on their website but I was sold soon as I saw the Cort CR300 at a great price.

Great guitar, fantastic quality, plays great although a bit heavy. The EMG pickups sound fat and powerful with each humbucker having a very different tone to each other. The tobacco burst is really nice and looks great on my Instagram. My only fault is that Richards take there time getting your guitar to you. They claim it's for the professional setup (which IS evident), so I suppose its just a case of you can't have everything and they do communicate well. There wasn't much choice on their website but I was sold soon as I saw the Cort CR300 at a great price.

Sorry guys I think I

Sorry guys I think I messed up my first review!! Take two!! Firstly I'd like to thank all at Richards guitars for introducing me to Dowina guitars, I'm really impressed with the one I brought. It sounds amazing looks amazing and plays amazing, also I love the individual touches like Tusik's signature on the bracing inside the sound hole, it's like having a piece of art signed by the artist!! So I'm extremely happy with my new instrument. Just a couple of negatives, no pun intended but the G string impinges through the nut causing a pinging when tuning which can be a bit of a nuisance and the case supplied, although discounted is not up to the standard that this guitar deserves. I feel a proper Dowina hardshell case should be supplied as standard. However these things do not detract in anyway the love I have for this guitar. Thanks again guys, kind regards, Jack

Eastman AR610
Roger R.
Top Quality Guitar and Sales Experience.....

I have dealt with Richard for the last 20 years and always had excellent advice, service and ongoing back-up....
My search for a 17" acoustic archtop led me to this site.....
The Eastman AR610 is just the ticket.....with a vibrant tone and plenty of volume.....perfect for jazz 'comping' in the Freddie Green/Count Basie style and more American Country-Folk 'Carter Family/Woody Guthrie' style.......and everything in between........
The 6 month and 12 month after-sale check-ups included in the deal provide an extra level of confidence .........