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BSG Guitar Reviews

BSG Guitars


Due to the World we live in where mass production and hype take centre stage, even people like myself who take great pride in finding the very best products can take many years to cross paths with the most wonderful brands that put the mass marketed instruments to shame.

Most of the reviews I have managed to find on BSG are many years old now and written in maybe German or Czech.

So.... Its going to be down to me from here!  As my guitars are built I will bring you a video so you can see and hear both the guitar and my views.  I will be putting the BSG up against the more production built Furch (also from the Czech Republic) which I have always been an enormous fan of (as you may know) as I believe if you love Furch like I do - then you are going to want to play a BSG!  Its like a Furch on steroids!  

The big difference is we are talking about one man with a small team of builders who follow each guitar from beginning to end - making all important changes to the build along the way depending on the cut of the wood they see before them.  This is the key to producing the perfect acoustic instrument.

BSG acoustic guitars are truly special and I look forward to taking you on my own personal journey as I experience more and more of them.


OK - So I found my first review in English!

 BSG J36F Jumbo - By Acoustic Guitar Magazine 

In the current marketplace a totally handcrafted instrument of this quality coming in at just over £2.2k is very reasonable as you might easily expect to pay twice that if you ventured elsewhere.

Click on the image for the full outstanding review.

 BSG Guitar Review

 BSG Guitar Reviews