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Customer Service Page

Order Tracking

Sally is dedicated to customer service


When you place an order you receive emails from - This is Sallys email account so simply reply to your order updates to communicate directly with Sally.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your order please do ask Sally.


Sally works Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 4pm amd can take calls between 10am & 3pm.  Call 01789 263333 and Sally will be happy to help.

Live Chat

Sally is not currently available on live chat so please always email or call to ensure communication between you both is unbroken.  

In the unlikely even that you are unhappy with the response received via customer services in any way - then please do chat to Richard on the live help and let him know the problem you have encountered.

 Arranging Delivery Days

Sally will always be happy to book your delivery in for you on a specific day - as long as you communicate with her she will be able to arrange this for you.