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The Wonderful World Of The Eastman Guitars Workshop

For some years now a name kept cropping up that drew my attention on a number of level... Eastman guitars.  I knew they were special from my own experiences and a couple of years ago I managed to begin selling them.  My experiences were short lived however with the UK distributor ceasing supply soon after I started!

In recent months I have been watching the following videos which for me epitomize what true guitar making should be about - raw human talent.

I managed to make contact with Eastman directly who I am proud to say have been so helpful in getting me set up once again.  This is such an exciting development for me personally.

I just hope in watching these videos they will have the same effect on you - as they did me.  THIS is why I do what I do - to raise awareness of such incredibly special guitars...

Rosette Inlays

The following video shows the skill, time and dedication that goes into creating the soundhole rosette on a hand made Eastman guitar. Please do watch in its entirety to fully appreciate the skill and human effort made for your playing pleasure...


Acoustic Guitar Bracing Being Cut.  (A Prize If you can spot any CNC Machines!)


Specialist Skills & Work Environment That Could Be Straight From the 1930s


More Fascinating Insights Into Eastman Guitars Being Hand Made


Buffing, Polishing & Various Finishing Stages Being Demonstrated


A More Polished Edited Overview (with some Jolly Music!)

The following video - stick with it and you will see some stunning examples of the hand made nature of these guitars.  You will see some wonderful work going into mandolins which defy belief.  Not a single CNC machine.

I hope you have enjoyed watching the skill dedication and wonderful talent demonstrated in the videos above.  Just in compiling this collection of videos It made me want to get on the next flight to China to shake each individuals hand and promise them that I would do everything possible to spread the word of their wondrous and time locked skills.  It is no wonder that Eastman guitars are rapidly becoming the first choice for guitarists around the World who want a guitar produced by people - not machines.


Compare The Above To MODERN Mass Produced Guitar Production Shown Below.

In stark contrast I would love for you to watch the following video - by Taylor Guitars.  When you watch the video you will begin to realize just WHY Taylor guitars sound quite so sterile in relation to hand made Eastman Guitars.

I could have watched the videos above all night long if there were more of them - yet I could barely watch 3 minutes of the Taylor video as each aspect of production is closer to a car production line than something that resonates, breathes and "lives" like an acoustic instrument should.

 There is barely a word that comes out of Bob Taylors mouth that doesn't include the word "machine", "tooling", "pre-cut", "router", "lazer"

Is that what you want?  Is that what you want to spend your next £1000-£4000 on?  A mass produced, pre-cut, tooled, routed and lazered guitar?

I will let you watch the video and you can decide for yourself (Check out how the very first thing he proudly shows you is his selection of "machines".  Far cry from the early days eh Bob?)