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Electro Acoustic Guitars Buyer Guide - The Best Electro Acoustic Guitar

Guide To buying the "best" electro acoustic guitar.

Every day I receive emails asking me for advice on the "best electro acoustic guitar" 

Well... there is no such thing as "best".  Its all very subjective and also very personal to your requirements. 

However, what I can do to help is provide you with honest, experienced advice on all the aspects that will influence you in choosing the right electro acoustic guitar for your needs and once I have done that I can recommend guitars that suit that specific criteria.

Considerations for your best electro acoustic guitar

1.  What budget do you feel comfortable?

2.  Will you be playing more acoustically or plugged in?

3.  When you do play plugged in, what is the main purpose?  Recording or live use?

4.  How important is the unplugged tone?

5.  Do you have any preference visually or in terms of size and style?

The more I know about these requirements, the more I can help you find the illusive "best electro acoustic guitar".

Please watch the video below which goes into these aspects in a little more detail and then click on the live chat for more help and advice.