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Furch Guitars

Furch Guitars

Dedicated to the highest standards of craftsmanship and unparalleled sound quality, Furch Guitars have become a revered name in the music world.

Over three decades of dedicated innovation, Furch Guitars is renowned for creating premium and luxury acoustic guitars that are built to last the tests of time.

This leading guitar manufacturer has built a distinct reputation for merging traditional methods with the latest technology, producing instruments known for their resonant tonality and impeccable build quality.

When it comes to Furch Guitars, anticipate an experience crafted from exquisite tonewoods, outstanding playability, and a timeless aesthetic. Discover the unique world of Furch Guitars - an emblem of superior craftsmanship, musical artistry, and perfection in every strum.

Furch Blue Gc CM

Furch Guitar Dealers In The UK

Richards Guitars have been the UKs longest running Furch Guitar Dealer in the UK. and in fact were jointly responsible for their introduction into the UK Acoustic Guitar Market over 2 decades ago.

Richards Guitars continue to provide guitarists who want to try the largest selection of Furch Guitars in the UK a welcoming and relaxing environment to do exactly that.

Richards Guitars will provide you with an AM or PM appointment whereby you will have the Furch Guitars Showroom to yourself!  Only shared by the team who are on hand to help with any questions you may have along the way.

Furch Guitars Dealer


Where Can I Get My Furch Guitar Set Up?

Richards Guitars provide a bespoke service for every customer who buys a Furch Guitar.  Whatever your setup requirement - Richards Guitars will handle it for you - on the day!  If you have reserved a Furch guitar for your visit  then we can make sure the guitar is setup to your personal specification ready for your visit.

If you already own a Furch guitar and would like it setting up - of course we can help you too!

For further advice on Furch Guitars please contact us on 01789 263333 or click on our live chat for assistance.

 Furch Guitars Reviews

As the UKs largest Furch Guitars dealer with customers all around the World we have ammassed more Furch Guitars Reviews than any dealer Worldwide.  If you would like to see what our customers think of Furch guitars and the service we have provided them please do check out our Furch Guitars Reviews

Furch Guitars Reviews