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Godin Back Orders

If you are reading this page it is most likely due to one of the following scenarios...

*  You are considering a purchase and the Godin guitar in question is out of stock.  You have asked how long it will be before the guitar is available

*  You already have a guitar on order and you have been notified that the Godin guitar is out of stock

Whether you have ordered the guitar already or are considering purchasing a Godin guitar the following information will help you avoid frustration when pursuing your lovely new guitar.

Richards Guitars has specialised in Godin guitars for 21 years now!  I (Richard) know these guitars like the back of my hand and what I don't know hopefully is not that important!

I pride myself on my highly personalised service, providing around the clock live support most hours of the day and night.

It is for this reason that providing back order information on Godin guitars can be frought with pitfalls for me personally and so I wish to ensure you purchase your guitar with your eyes open from the beginning.

Anything I tell you here is not unique to my business.  What is unique (possibly) is that I am telling you up front how it is!  Any dealer who tells you any different is incorrect - please trust me!

So here is the situation when a Godin guitar is on back order:

* In theory production cycles work to 6 weeks.  If a guitar is out of stock now it should be a maximum of 6 weeks before that guitar re-circulates and therefore becomes available to you and I.

* As with all good theories this does not always work in practice.  I have noticed left handed models do not always become available within that 6 week cycle and it can also take longer when specific woods are used like Koa which need to be sourced before production can start again.

*  Rather frustratingly it is simply not possible to trace where in the cycle of production an out of stock guitar currently is making it impossible to provide anything other than a "6 weeks" estimation.

*  The first moment we can notify you of an update on your back ordered guitar is when the new stock list is generated and the guitar will show as available and of course allocated to you.

*  Due to these circumstances and the volume of orders we take on behalf of customers we have been asked NOT to trace orders one by one but to update our customers on a monthly basis which we are able to do at the beginning of any month using the latest stock list from Godin.

*  IF your guitar is out of stock you will be notified when the guitar appears on the stock list or of course when the guitar arrives at our workshop.

I hope that by providing the information above it helps me to help you and to reduce any anxiety or frustration when waiting for your new Godin Guitar.