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Richard And FGN


Richards Guitars ethos is to only supply guitars that are truly outstanding.  Not sold on marketing and hype but our belief that the guitars represent the best within their category.  No brand represents this better than FGN

FGN (Fujigen) have a long illustrrious history in the World of Guitars.

It was Fujigen that produced Fenders highest quality strats in the 80s that were demonstrated to be better quality than the American made guitars!

Fujigen are considered the pinnacle of Japanese guitar production and responsible for the badge MIJ (MADE IN JAPAN) that you often see thrown around on forums and the like.  The MIJ badge is considered a badge of quality and extreme quality - but it is actually the FGN factory that is responsible for this honor!

In 2019 FGN came to the UK through a highly pro-active distributor.  We jumped on the opportunity to get involved and haven't stopped being completely bemused by the almost impossible quality levels we have experienced.

Richard works hand in hand with the UK importers and is ready to help you with any of your FGN related questions. 

Just shout if you need us - we are here to help!


FGN Guitars