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Promote Your Used Guitar with Richards GSP

"Can you help me sell my guitar?"

This is the question I hear every day so have created a service where you can benefit from the exact same high profile methods I use to sell my own guitars!

We receive thousands of visitors every week looking for new and used guitars.

Not only do we advertise our own used guitars but we also run a fantastic free guitar clasifieds site at

Richard can help promote your used guitars in a number of ways...

Over 2000 active weekly recipients to our used guitars updates bulletin

Over 4000 subscribers to our Rguitars news email bulletins

Over 3000 left handed players subscribing to our left handed guitars Facebook group

Active online guitar forum

Over 4000 subscribers to our Facebook Page

 Hundreds of daily visitors to our used guitars listings at


How Does The GSP Work? (Guitar Sale Package)

Richard will provide you with an array of services all of which promote your guitar using the exact same techniques used at Richards Guitars.  Richard is literally too busy to handle the demand currently for used guitars and emails that come in asking for help - hence putting together this fantastic scheme to help you instead.

Richard will make no profit if your guitar is sold and you will not pay any kind of commission.

Your are paying only for Richards time, expertise and profile developed over 23 years trading online.  You could not be in safer hands.


First Steps.  You must follow these before any promotions can take effect.

1.  List your guitar for sale at - It is SO simple to do. This service is totally free of charge and you should do it regardless of whether you take a further step.

2.  Email the URL of your advert to and in the title write "GSP Request".  (Copy and paste the URL from the advert)


Richard will send you a payment request based on the following promotional services that you may opt for.  You can select any one or any combination of the following services whenever you feel appropriate


Advice on listing content. £15  

This will include advice on description, images and pricing.   Richard is an expert in providing the right detail to the end user and you must not under estimate the need to get this right. Richard will also ensure your advert is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation for better Google rankings.


Priorised Listing At For 30 Days. £15

Richard will ensure your advert remains on the top fold of the first page at for 30 days so visible to every visitor 24/7


Featured Product Link from used guitars listings.  £20

 This link will remain on our site until sold.  We will use the image from your advert with your text and a link to your classified advert at


Weekly Feature In our Used Guitars Email Bulletin For 4 Weeks. £20

When you place a listing at your advert will be featured once by default free of charge with your guitar listing.  If however you want to boost your visibility we will ensure your advert is received by over 2000 recipients for 4 consecutive weeks.


Facebook & Twitter Promo. £10

Our Facebook business profile is viewed by thousands (over 4000 subscribers) every week and our Twitter and Facebook posts are very easily accessible via the Rguitars, website pages (look to the left and you will see the links).  Richard will post a feature on your advert which will be seen by thousands directly and via visitors every day.


Dedicated Richards Guitars News Bulletin Email. £15

Delivered to over 4000 active subscribers, Richard will deliver an email dedicated to your guitar sale!  We can even give you stats that show how many people opened the email, viewed it and clicked to the advert.


Guitar Packing (£20) and Optional Delivery Service (£15)

Packing a guitar for safe transit is no easy task.  Needless to say that after 23 years in business doing exactly this we are very good at it!  We have a constant supply of packaging material and specially made strengthened outer cartons.  We pack your guitar so it is as safe as it possibly can be.  If you request us to deliver your guitar too this will be fully insured.  Please note that its £20 for packing and £15or delivery and we will only offer to deliver if we have packed the box too - we need to make sure it is packed 100% correctly and to our high standard if we are going to insure its safe delivery.


No Sale?

Regardless of whether you sell the guitar or not (which obviously hopefully you will if you have taken Richards full compliment of services!) Richard will take into account any expenditure you have encountered on any future purchase at Richards Guitars.  Richard is known for his fairness and generosity in life so if we find out that after all this your guitar still hasn't sold we will try and help recover some of your expenses through your future purchases.  



By taking advantage of all the services listed above you will have literally received the full weight of Richards marketing expertise and benefited from over 2 decades of experience and profile building in the world of guitar sales.

Simply copy and paste the features you wish to take advantage of and Richard will email you a payment request and begin working on your behalf immediately.

If you have requested a guitar to be packed we can take payment on the day we pack the guitar - just make sure we know you are coming and when!

We look forward to helping you sell your guitar!