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Richards Safe Sales Scheme

Richards "Safe Sale" Scheme

Where Buyers, Private Seller & Richards Guitars work together to ensure a safe & happy conclusion for all!

The general idea for Richard Safe Sales scheme is to provide a range of services for both buyers and private sellers of used guitars - enabling a safe transaction and an inspiring new instrument even when not purchasing the guitar directly from Richards Guitars.  We give sellers the opportunity of selling to our customers and providing the buyers the same opportunities we bring our customers already.

The scheme is available for premium quality instruments.

The scheme works around the following options and criteria.

Initial Photography, Inspection & Online Marketing - Provided by Richards Guitars

Any guitar sold through the safe sales scheme HAS to be brought to Richard in person (by the owner) enabling Richard to undertake the photography and ensuring the guitars description is accurately presented as would be provided on any guitar sold by Richards guitars directly.  The guitar will be listed within the used guitars section and as a "safe Seller" guitar sale when Richard is comfortable with the legitimacy of guitar and ownership .  It will be featured in all our ongoing advertising and marketing online through social media and beyond.  A guitar listed on Richards Guitars site WILL sell.    For this we charge £75

Professional Setup Pre/Post Sale

The seller or the buyer may choose to have the guitar setup by Richards Guitars.  This conversation would be between the seller and the buyer.  An agreement is made whether the guitar should be setup at all and if so - who will pay for it.  It is not a requirement of the sale but a service that is available as part of the safe sale scheme and is available for just £25.  The seller may use this as a selling point if included pre sale or offered as part of the sale process enabling the guitar to be setup to the buyers requirement - just like if they were buying from Richards Guitars directly!

Payment By Credit Card

Richards Guitars can take payment on behalf of the seller.  Some buyers may insist on this to provide further protection through the insurance and backing credit card purchases provide.  We charge 5% for this service.  An agreement can be made between the buyer and the seller regarding this option and who will pay for it if this service is chosen.  Some buyers may feel happier paying the 5% for the protection - depending on the deal so please discuss it together.

Richards Guitars Pack & Dispatch

Another option that either the seller can select or the buyer may request is for Richards Guitars to handle the dispatch of the guitar.  Richard has two decades of experience in packing guitars and sending them around the World.  We use DPD who are by far the best courier and if you want 100% peace of mind that a guitar is in the safest hands for delivery then this is a great option.   We charge £35 for the whole process (+ £10 fully insured).

This service is now available to anyone who wants us to send a guitar out on their behalf.  So if you have sold a guitar on Ebay and need it dispatching - bring it along and we will sort it for you.