Selling Your Guitar?

I provide 3 tiers of help for anyone looking to sell their guitar.


1.  Our Free Used Guitar Classifieds is a FREE Guitar Classifieds run by Richards Guitars

List your guitar totally free of charge.  I am very proud to offer such an outlet for those who I cannot help directly.  You can also register very quickly and easily to receive weekly used guitars for sale updates.


 2. Richards Guitars Sell The Guitar For You 

Selling a guitar privately however can be frought with issues - and lets face it - its a pain in the backside and terribly time consuming .

If you would rather put the sale of your guitar in the hands of a dedicated specialist I can sell the guitar for you, passing on a guaranteed minimum value on sale.  It really could not be any easier.  You may also be surprised what return you get - I am not an idiot - I know what your guitar is worth, what you will get for it, what time it will take you to sell it and I can factor that against what I can sell the guitar for and I can generally quote a value that most feel is a no brainer Vs the time & effort vs return of selling privately.

You may or may not know me from Adam but I promise there are many thousands that definitely do (check my history, testimonials, forum, reviews sites or Google for details) and my reputation is based 100% on trust.  So whilst this a great thing if I take the guitar on for sale as I will get the guitar sold - I do first have to ensure your guitar is fit for its place in my listings.  Don't panic - I am not looking for perfection as our workshop quality controls and setups every guitar sold to perfection.  So dirt, grime, messy pots is all fine.  We can deal with that, improving the value of the guitar on sale and providing you and the buyer with the peace of mind the guitar is in safe hands.


3.  Need Cash Quick?

Not the most pleasant aspect of my service but I will buy guitars for cash up front if you need the money ASAP.  I would genuinely give you MORE LATER than LESS QUICKER but ultimately I am here to help you (and I have to remember I do need to make a profit too!!).


To move things forward...

Please supply me:

Your contact details (telephone and a postcode please - this will help me look at distances from the shop which is very useful when working out viable options and a final proposal)

Name Of Guitar

As much detail as possible including condition, age, what you bought it for

A clear idea of whether speed of sale is more important than me selling the guitar for you

The best possible pictures you can supply with the resources you have available.  If not, a link to a website where it is available for sale.

Email me these details to

I promise your time won't be wasted.

Hope I can help you further!