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Want The Best Used Gibson/Fender/PRS?

 If you are looking for a Gibson, Fender, PRS or any other American guitar brand - I can help.

I have a fantastic source for acquiring these guitars from the States - from a like minded professional who has an in depth knowledge of guitars and is very aware of the quality I require!

I source the guitar, put it through our workshop and set it up to the highest of standards.

So if you have a guitar in mind, WHY would you want to gamble by looking on Ebay from an unkown, untrusted source who certainly won;t consider your needs like I will.

Its a really exciting new development so feel free to test the system - lets see if we can find you a brilliant used guitar, set up to perfection,  possibly saving you hundreds of pounds in the process!

Hope to hear from you soon - Feel free to inquire via my inquiry form or speak to me on live help for more details.