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Xmas Orders

Need Your Guitar For Xmas?

Everything you need to know

Last Online Order Date

In order to explain this properly we need to work backward from Christmas day - it will all make sense in the end!  Christmas falls on a Sunday this year so Xmas Eve is on the Saturday - which is a day we don't like to deliver on at the best of times.   So the last day you will want to receive a delivery is Friday - but do you REALLY want to leave it all down to Friday?  What if due to the Xmas rush the courier cannot handle the weight of orders?  This will leave you without a guitar for Christmas day - sooooo..... I would suggest last DISPATCH day should be the Wednesday 21st if you want to be safe.

Every guitar we sell is hand finished before sale.  We are working around the clock to ensure our workshop queue is kept to a minimum throughout this festive period - in fact its even shorter than normal at the moment to ensure nobody is let down.  In theory therefore you could order a guitar up to Sunday 18th November and still have it set up and dispatched safely for Xmas.

Remember however that not all guitars are going to be available in the building.  Some will but many need to be moved from storage to our workshop which can take a couple of days.  So for IN STOCK items I would recommend you do not order any later than Wednesday 14th December if you do not want to be let down.   This gives us time to get the guitar into the workshop, setup and dispatched by Wednesday 21st - leaving you an EXTRA day just in case there is a complication your end.

Last In Store Purchase Date

The showroom will be open until Friday 23rd December.  IF everyone has collected their guitars by then and its not heaving at the seems then I may close at lunch as hopefully my work will be done by then.

Time for me to do my own shopping!

I am more than happy for any last minute buyers to return their guitar in the new year for the setup if we do not have chance before hand.  The chances are that if you are buying a guitar from me as an Xmas present at this late moment you will be local - so it will work out fine.

Showroom Holiday

Whilst I am always online and available to help customers throughout the Xmas to New Year holiday period, my shop remains closed.

This year my shop will be closed as follows:

Saturday 24th December to Saturday 31st December

Online Orders Between 24th & 31st December

My online service continues pretty much undisturbed by Xmas this year due to the days Christmas and New Year fall.  We don't be dispatching any guitars during this week but the workshop will be setting up guitars as normal.