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Eastman T59/v Red

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Customer Reviews

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John S.
Eastman goodness

Having been in the lucky position of owning a Gibson ES335 and a Yamaha SA2200, I was excited to try an Eastman T59/v.
The Eastman looks amazing and the workmanship is far superior to the Gibson I have. It is raw, but brilliant.
Playability wise, the Eastman feels like an old guitar that wants to be played. The Yamaha is probably better still, but it’s a different vibe altogether and a lot more expensive.
The Eastman neck is wider with more of a shoulder than the Gibson or Yamaha and did take a bit of getting used to, but the action, fretwork etc is flawless.
Sound wise, the Eastman is vintage. Edgy and aggressive when I want it to be, mellow when I need it. Fits superbly into the mix of my indie rock band! For comparison, the Yamaha is more ‘modern’ sounding and the Gibson with the calibrated T pickups sits somewhere in between.
Which is best…. They are all different. Gibson workmanship needs to improve, especially given their inflated prices. The Yamaha is so good, I’m nearly scared to gig with it unless I’m on a big stage where I know it won’t get knocked or damaged. I can’t fault it. The Eastman is the cheapest but you wouldn’t guess. It just wants to be played, it looks like a guitar that’s seen it all and feels great on stage.
Service from Richard’s Guitars was spot on. Good communications, very helpful and great set up on the guitar, all done to my requested specs.

Ronnie J.
Very happy with my purchase

Very happy with my purchase and enjoyed my visit to Richards Guitars really nice friendly and helpful staff

Ronnie Johnson

Andrew V.
Amazing guitar set up perfectly!

These guitars have incredible tone and playability. The Seymour Duncan antiquities is in combination with a very well balanced guitar acoustically, mean that you can really use all of the tone and volume controls on the guitar. I’ve compared it to a standard gibson and I much prefer these!

John D.
Eastman T59V-RD Antique Red

Excellent guitar , finding it very difficult to put down !

Eastman T59/V A Really Sweet Guitar!

I visited the shop to try this guitar out and brought my Gibson Memphis Custom Shop ES-355 to compare it side by side with the Eastman. I've had the Gibson for 11 years and it is not a bad guitar by any means, as you'd expect, but the Eastman T59 has much better playability in my opinion and has a great sound with the SD Antiquities, not as dark as the 355, more top end clarity and shimmer. Not saying the Gibson sounds bad, it doesn't, the Eastman just sounded a little different and excellent. So I bought the the T59 from Jon who really looked after me during my 3 hour appointment as I also had a few guitars set up really well by Chris the tech at the same time while I tried the Eastman and messed around on some gorgeous OM style acoustics from Estman and Furch! Very tempting...
Great team of people there at Richard's Guitars, ahame I didn't meet Richard as he was out, maybe next time.

Eastman T59/v Red, Electric Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.
Eastman T59/v Red Sale price£ 1,599.00 Regular price£ 1,899.00

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As the first official UK Eastman guitar dealer - when we started nobody knew just how incredible these guitars are and unlike some of the other guitars I have helped introduce to UK guitarists, Eastman, whilst being completely hand made, are made in volumes that allow a perfect blend between hand built "mojo" and "availability" - which whilst never perfect - through careful and constant communication with Eastman we are able to keep a steady flow in for our customers.

Whatever your Eastman requirements - please do contact us for help - I promise you could not be in safer hands.

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