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Eastman PCH1-OM 2023 Edition Thermo (Solid Thermo Cured Top) Acoustic Guitar

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Customer Reviews

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Very good quality guitar for the money and, excellent service from Richard’s team in restringing and setup.

Anthony C.
Great Value

I bought this as a first guitar for my daughter. I also requested that the guitar be provided with 10s for playability and would accept a little loss in tone. The guitar duly came with 10s and the action was setup very nicely.
The build quality is very, very good and the matt finish is extremely nice. The guitar chimes beautifully and has a very nice brightness to it in both strumming and finger picking. Playability is very good, especially with the 24.75in scale length.
My only complaint is the slight buzz on the G# (1st string, 16th fret) and D# (2nd string, 16th fret). The 17th fret might need a little taking-down a hair.
I contacted the guys at the shop and we'll see how it settles over the next few weeks.
In truth, it should not be an issue as my daughter is very unlikely to play that high up. I just happened to hit it as a couple of pieces I played on it, got up there.

Hi Anthony! Thank you so much for your feedback. We're thrilled to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying the guitar. We appreciate your patience with the slight buzz issue, and we'll make sure to address it for you. With regard to your surprise in it not being noticed, I just wanted to provide some perspective from our side and certainly in no way to excuse or diminish your experience!! I just have to for your sake and ours :) Its possible you know this - so apologies if I am in any way teaching you how to suck eggs! When a low action is requested for ease of play this puts greater pressure in areas of 'tolerance' with far less tolerance for any kind of movement / change which can be due to so many factors (environmental / playing / string wear / delivery). So that is one aspect - but also when you then add lighter strings this makes the issue with tolerances even greater as light strings are much more 'whippy' and they resonant with a wider arc up and down. Finally - the area in which you will always find a problem - if one is going to exist is bang on where you located it - across all frets. So our role - the techs role - is to give you what you want and balance that against the issues with tolerances and what is possible - and what MAY occur as a result depending on a range of factors in the future. Bottom line - A low action with thin strings = greater likelihood of buzzing in the position you refer to. This certainly doesnt mean it left like this or wasnt noticed. OK - So with all that said the good news is you have our 100% support on any issue - any changes - anything whatsoever you need in the future and armed with the information above expectations can be maintained and you can decide accordingly what you want us to do. Moving to 11s will give you improved tone but yes... a little heavier on the fingers but will make the strings tighter - will help the geometry and less likely to buzz. In fact its something that may or may not work even by changing them at home. The action will raise but could be just a tiny amount - enough to have no buzzing - better tone - and a more realistic overall acoustic playing experience for the longer term. Anyway..... I am really waffling now!!!! Basically - I am just saying there are many ways we can all approach how we help your daughter in the medium and long term. Hope all that helps and doesnt just sound like I am trying to 'defend a failing' - as I promise I am not - I thought it would be useful to mention it :) Once again thank you SO much for trusting in our service and as you know we are here for you at any time you should need us.

Adam M.
Beautiful tone, incredible build quality!

Another incredible guitar received from Richard and his team! Set up beautifully, plays like a dream. Makes my beginner level playing sound wonderful! Lovely bright sounding tone, incredible build quality, and a smaller size which fits me perfectly.

Highly recommended purchase, combined with perfect customer service all the way through.

Cliff S.
Hello Richard, This is not

Hello Richard,
This is not a complaint,it is more of an observation regarding my recent transaction with you.
Having seen "You Tube" promoting your goods I decided to purchase from you. I decided on a Cort Luce acoustic,
After waiting a while it was delivered,the guitar looked
amazing, however after a couple of days I noticed a very annoying flat spot on the fifth fret of the G string,
I contacted the shop and one of your staff suggested I
get an allen key and give it a few turns anti clock wise,
not aving an allen key it was decided to return the guitar. A couple of days later the guitar was returned
with a short email saying there was no problem.
Yet, it was evident that the flat spot was still there.
To the rescue came Sophie, she suggested another guitar, the Eastman PCH 01.I also ordered a hard case to be sent with it, the Eastman arrived minus hard case, called the shop again, confusion seemed to seize your staff as to what happened to the case, surely it would have made sense to put them both together.
Again Sophie was there to make some sense of what
was happening,after acouple of weeks I decided to buy the hard case locally,
I have to say that in spite of of all the confusion Sophie was the one who kept me informed, her cheerful disposition throughout ,and her hard work in dealing with difficult situations that were not in her department, are a credit to your store.
would I use Richards Guitars again? --Yes, I hope my next purchase to be another but quite expensive Eastman . I realize that even the best run companies
can get the odd thing wrong,I may be the one in a thousand cutomer who expierienced this.
If you do read this Richard you may not realise what
Sophie does above and beyond her job,if you do then
I hope you tell her so.She is the front window to your
Best Regards, Cliff Singleton.

David T.
Pickin' and a Grinnin'

I cannot fault the service I received from Richard and his excellent team. My Eastman PCH 1 arrived expertly packed and set up really well.
As a first time buyer of a guitar over the internet I was quite anxious about the whole experience. Thanks to Richard's YouTube videos my fears were greatly reduced.
I would have no hesitation in ordering another guitar from Richard whatsoever. First class service and a first class team!
Many thanks
Oh by the way, these Eastman guitars are well worth the money, go check them out

Eastman PCH1-OM 2023 Edition Thermo (Solid Thermo Cured Top) Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.
Eastman PCH1-OM 2023 Edition Thermo (Solid Thermo Cured Top) Acoustic Guitar Sale price£ 369.00

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