Blade Guitars For Sale!

Now there is a phrase you don't hear very often in the UK!

I was only recently acquainted with the current Blade guitar range and I immediately knew I had to represent these guitars.

I will be bringing you more details in good time.  I will make sure to bring you photos of my first few examples but the bottom line is I can now supply the full Blade range shipped directly to me from Switzerland where each guitar is prepped for every customer.

You can see the range by clicking here...

There are a number of key features that make Blade stand out from the pack but possibly the most important one is some clever active eq controls which enable your initial pickup tone to be boosted in middle, treble or bass by amounts you pre set using a little screw driver before you start playing.  The result is quite astonishing.  You can have super fat neck tones, super bright cutting bridge tones or conversely back things off if you want to soften things off.  Trust me, its a damned fine system.

Quality, tone and finish are top notch and I cannot be more excited to put these alongside my G&L Tributes!


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