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For nearly 20 years I have struggled with technology to bring you my own used guitars alongside privately owned guitars.

Well.... nothing has changed and I am still struggling!  If anyone knows any decent software out there to bring you a workable classifieds let me know - I have provided various offerings over the years but the difficulties of bugs and spam  have just made them all way too much hassle.

In the mean time I have acquired - a useful domain name for promoting used guitars for sale!  I will try and put this to good use but I just need to get my head around the best way forward.

I have set up this used guitars blog to raise awareness of used guitars of special interest as they arrive in.  I think it just continues to personalize what I do rather than it all look like a cold sales environment.

Every used guitar for sale has been through my stringent vetting procedure - IE I have to like it and/or believe it has a worthy place in my showroom even if its NOT my personal favorite style.  I will be honest though and say 99% of guitars I take in are instruments that I am keen on.

Every used guitar is set up to perfection in our workshop.  Set up to your personal specification and you won't find crackly knobs, dirty switches etc. on any used guitar we sell you!

I am very proud that if you were to visit my shop you would struggle to work out which guitars are second hand.

Keep any eye on this used guitars blog for interesting stories and latest used guitars!  It will also act as an interesting story board of guitars I have sold on previous occasions. 

Bye for now!

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