R Custom Jazz Guitars. Incredibly Exciting Development for Archtop Players

As you may know I have been working with a Chinese workshop to provide stunning solid body / semis which we then strip down in the UK, fit out with the highest quality components, rebuild and setup in our workshop to perfection - Generally providing a totally bespoke, personalized guitar for £899.

Well!  As you may also know my heart is in jazz/blues and have always been so interested in archtop guitars.  However, like many have found the pricing so crazy it has put a stop to any investment business wise in this direction... until now.

I have teamed up with some of the most highly respected archtop guitar builders in China!

Just like with the electric guitars, you can have a personal say in the bridge used, pickup (if required), colour, woods etc. 

  • Hand carved, solid tops
  • Solid back and sides
  • Personal choice of colour and headstock template (4 or 5 to choose from)
  • Personal choice of electronics and pickup

Your unique & personalized R Custom Jazz will cost you generally no more than £1700

My first customer was about to buy a heavily overpriced Peerless Maestro for £3500 but thankfully his timing was perfect and I was able to save him £1800 and his guitar will be in another league to a Peerless.

This news is hot off the press so it will take time to see results but within the next 6-8 weeks I should be able to bring you an update with my first guitar from the workshop!

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