Todays Visit To The Gordon Smith Guitars Workshop

Needless to say its late in the day and I am just simply not going to get everything I want to say "said" so I won't try and rush it right now but will try and put a comprehensive update down as soon as possible.

However - I just didn't want to go to bed without saying the word "excited" does not come close to the feeling I have right this second.  What I have witnessed today, combined with the plans I am developing with Doug I believe are going to radically change the way British guitar buyers consider buying their electric guitars in the future.  Hand on heart, that is how relevant I think this moment is.

Ohhh my - as I say there is just so much I want to tell you but I am just tooo tired - mentally exhausted from all the excitement of the day.

I feel blessed to be part of this project and I am hoping as you guys see the quality, detail and possibilities afforded to you as a buyer of a British electric guitar under £1000 (pretty much 95% of the range are under £1000) you will just have to have one.

I will conclude this evenings post by telling you that by January you should be able to come into my shop where I will have a dedicated area to walk you through the process of having your personalized guitar made for you,

You will be able to try necks of different widths and radius - even different string spacings and nut widths.

You will be able to choose your fret wire - traditional or jumbo - even gold is available I kid you not!  Steel frets?  No problem.

I will also have body blanks for you to compare the different options, scratchplates of different colours and style and I can even send you photos of the build process once we have decided on your final build.

Fancy an elaborate veneer?  I have that all in hand too with a dedicated veneer specialist on tap to provide you something totally unique.

Ohh my - I have to go to bed.  Hope that wets your appetite anyway!

I have Strat, Tele and Les Paul styles on order (will tell you more soon on that - you will love what I have ordered) along with 7 more GS1 / 2 variations to get the display going but in the mean time do feel free to order online or call me if you want to discuss getting one ordered before all this happens in the New Year.


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