My Second Visit To The Gordon Smith (Auden) Workshop

This is just a quick update to let you know that I spent Friday with Doug at Gordon Smith guitars catching up and seeing how progress was being made on my guitar range and the hub concept.

Its always fascinating stepping into their workshop - the hairs always go up on my arm just being around such a positive and creative bunch of people.  

The hub is still a month or so away I think - things never move as fast as you would like but it has to be organic and things will materialize in the right time.  In terms of neck options we have decided that it makes more sense to offer neck depths which are measurable rather than offering "c - d - v" shapes.  Offering different thicknesses and widths is much more "accountable" so people will know exactly what they are getting.

I saw several of my guitars in the build process which was fun to see as well as the pickup winder in full flow.  I took a video which I will try and upload as soon as I can.  Its so quirky and cool!

I was so pleased and excited to see a Gordon Smith Gemini.  It was jaw droppingly beautiful.  So I made a mental note to get one of these ordered asap.

A few months ago on my last visit my eyes and ears were impressed by their acoustic guitars - Auden guitars.   The back story is they are hand made in a small workshop in China which Doug has built a great working relationship with.  The bodies are made in the workshop and then sent to Dougs workshop to be assembled with the highest quality components.  The result is highly impressive.  Doug was kind enough to send 3 over to me to test out but 2 of the 3 were sold to customers who fell in love with them in store before I could even try them myself!  That really is the ultimate accolade.  On this visit I had some time to acquaint myself with them and reckon my customers can't be wrong!  If 2 guitars sold to customers who even had access to Furch at the same time?!?!  So I just had to get this moving..... expect to see this developing in store and online over the coming weeks - really exciting.

Mark at work in the spray booth.  His work is first class as I have witnessed on all the GS guitars I have tried since the Auden take over.

Mark spraying guitars in the Gordon Smith workshop


Was really exciting to see some of my guitars drying out ready for the next stage before ending up in my hands!
Drying Room at Gordon Smith
Necks cut with fret markers installed - ready for the next stage toward final assembly
Some necks completed ready for asembly to the bodies hanging in the drying room...

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