Customer Service Developments

Wow - its all systems go - literally!

A number of systems were implemented in the past couple of weeks.

Regrettably, any time spent developing customer service improves have a negative effect on my ability to keep on top of new enquiries during this time so sincere apologies to anyone who has been inconvenienced.

However - the good news is the following...

The workshop "master list" is now full integrated into my customer contact database which basically means one less bit of duplication (more time to talk to you!).  It also means that when anyone asks me the status of a guitar in the system I can ALWAYS find out regardless of what PC I am on.  (IE at home, work or play!).  My contact system is cloud based which means I can access it from anywhere.  Now my workshop list is part of it I can access information on progress so much easier than was possible before.  Of course it also means one less opportunity for me to make a mistake.  I used to update the workshop list on the spreadsheet - only to have the phone ring in the middle and BANG I have made a mistake.

OK - so thats all great news.

Secondly I have finally got my automated order tracking post dispatch running successfully.  Now, any new order on dispatch from my premises will be accompanied with emails from me giving you progress reports by email and text.  From dispatch to delivery reminders on the day of delivery to email confirmations that your guitar has arrived safely.  Hope you like it!

As you should know, pre dispatch your order can be followed up by live help at most hours of the day where I am here in person to update you.

So all this means further improvements in customer service and more time freed up for me to talk to more customers and repond to customer inquiries faster than ever.

Oh yes - and I have changed my live help system - I think its better than the last one but you let me know.

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