BSG Guitars. The Most Wonderful Things Happen Organically

BSG Guitars.  The Most Wonderful Things Happen Organically

My wife always says to me - "Like minds always attract.  Good people attract good people".  Now, obviously it sounds like I am bigging myself up here - but I didn't say it ok!!! If my wife can't say it - nobody can so give me a break!

OK back to the story...

I was running around like a headless chicken as always when 2 men with rather interesting accents introduce themselves and casually mention they are from the Czech Republic and they make guitars!

OK - So no coincidence they were in my showroom after seeing me online but the fact that they bothered to visit me and apparently I "ignored" an email (see - I don't just ignore customers!) meant I was incredibly lucky they still made the effort to visit.

I could bore you to death - as I did them - about my love of guitars from Czech Republic.  There is such incredible talent that seems to stem from the love of folk music.  I always like to remind people that people who were building guitars during communist rule were clearly doing it for the love of it - or they could go to jail for selling them and profiting.  I wonder how many people who work for Taylor or Martin would be doing it for the love and passion?

From talking to Jan I quickly established where his guitars sit in the market.  Its a brand you MAY not have heard of - but that doesn't worry me as my focus is on the final product and it only takes a quick browse online to witness what some of the greatest guitar reviewers and the likes of Tommy Emmanuel think of his guitars to know his work is very special.

Most of my customers haven't heard of Furch -  Neither had I 10 years ago!  Its nothing to be ashamed of - when mass marketing rules everything we see and hear of these days (check out my Youtube video on illusory truth!).

What I have spent my working life learning and sharing with guitar players is that the best things are rarely the easiest to find and more often than not the less you have heard of them - the greater they are!  This may sound hard to believe but it often happens to be a reality.

Rolex.  The best watches on the planet right?   

A Rolex is for someone to wear who WANTS YOU to be impressed.  If you want to reassure YOURSELF you have the best buy a Tourbillon.  Heard of them? 

So do you want the best?  Or to be seen to have the best?  My personal experience is they will rarely give you the same result.

It comes back to my first comment - well, Teresas in fact.  Good people find good people. Someone who appreciates something "good" will gravitate toward someone who is capable of making something "good".  They will gravitate towards a guitar that is good!  Acoustic guitars are 100% honest.  If its good - It tells you -  It cannot lie!

So let me help you gravitate to that good guys - and the good guitars!!

Jan (Owner of BSG Guitars) - He has a team of 5 builders in Czech Republic and is good friends with Petr at Furch.  Naturally for me this is wonderful as Furch have been my biggest love and main reason why I chose to ONLY sell guitars I love - There is nothing more depressing than having a conversation about "the best Taylor" to buy when you just want to show the person a Furch!

The key difference between Jan & Petr is Petr's father made the decision to become a little more production like in their approach - more volume.  No shame in that and its far from hi tech - and very hands on of course.  However when you start producing higher volumes certain things HAVE to change.  So for example instead of having one builder overseeing a guitar from beginning to end - one person feeling the texture and cut of the grain and knowing exactly how thick this piece of wood needs to be cut - you have many different people with one specific skill and the guitar is passed down through the system until completion.

For me  - I am incredibly excited to work with Jan & BSG guitars to test out just what this individual focus brings the player.

Even if a BSG sounds "only" as good as a Furch (!!!) for me - that's a winner!  Not only do you get the tone equal to that of a Furch but the opportunity to have your totally personalized instrument but even if you ask for nothing more than what a Furch provides in specification its just SO wonderful to know the guitar has been cherished through its "birth".  OK... so maybe I am being too romantic here? Well maybe - but for me - that is SO relevent to my own interest, excitement and enchantment with guitars around me.  

So by the end of Jans visit, I was just getting more and more excited.  Listening to him talk about how they build their guitars and frankly I just bored him to death with how excited I was at the opportunity for me to work with him and for my customers to witness the relationship develop.

I have a couple of models being made and Jan has been incredibly kind to offer photographs during the build stages.  You and I will literally witness my first BSG guitar being born!!!! How exciting is that!?

 Keep your eye on this page...

 One guitar will be an auditorium cutaway in the style of a Furch G23CRC 

The other will be a beautiful parlor (Think Furch OOM33SR)

I CANNOT WAIT to receive the first pictures and ultimately show you the guitars completed.  If in the mean time you would like to discuss any guitar build of your own - just click on my live chat.

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