The Gordon Smith Custom 45 Option Exclusive To Richards Guitars. The 45mm nut guitar is here!

The Gordon Smith Custom 45 Option Exclusive To Richards Guitars.  The 45mm nut guitar is here!

I have been listening and observing electric guitar players needs for many many years.  I have been in business 23 years and playing since I was 8 years old.

The question that arises all so often is "why are electric guitar necks so narrow?"

Gordon Smith have kindly worked with me on this very specific requirement providing me with a 45mm nut electric guitar neck.


Who will benefit from a 45mm nut on an electric guitar?

Acoustic Guitarists

If your primary instrument is acoustic guitar and you want a smooth transition to your electric guitar playing then the 45mm nut is amazing.  No longer do you have to jolt your fingers into remembering the slightly different string spacings between guitars.  Electric guitar string spacings are the way they are because.... well just because!  Like many aspects of the guitar its not ALWAYS about best practice - but history.   If you want to get your electric guitar in line with your acoustic then the 45mm nut is perfect.


People who do REAL work for a living!

My grandad was a farmer.  My dad worked for BT all his life, working outdoors and continues to work outside every day in his retirement.  If YOU do "real" work (not like me who talks about guitars all day long and taps on keyboards most of my life) you most likely have FINGERS that show the test of time.  Bigger, broader, stubbier finger tips!  This can be a major issue when trying to fret clean chords on an electric guitar - not any more guys!  You finally have a guitar that will accommodate your bigger fingers.



Believe it or not a wider string spacing is EASIER for beginners.  Its obvious if you think about it.  One of the main issues when starting is clean fretting of chords.  Getting those stubborn little fingers to do what they are supposed to do!!  By widening the string spacing you now have a far better chance of getting those cleaner chords - which will inspire you - and hopefully fuel your desire to keep playing.


How do I know if I need this option?

If you have been playing for some time and you have never considered the need for a wider nut - you most likely dont need it!  If however you have been searching around for a guitar that will accommodate your needs and struggled to find something I have the solution for you.


The 45mm nut gives you a better chance of cleaner chord fretting & is ideal for players with larger fingers who find electric guitars a struggle.

 45mm nut electric guitar

45mm nut guitar


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