My New Telephone Sale Enquiry Call Back Service ... EXPLAINED!

Life can be complicated for the one man specialist!

I know there is nothing worse as a first impression than ringing me - to find you cannot get through.   You want to spend your hard earnt money and it seems that I dont even bother picking up the phone!

It seems that demand for my service has somewhat tainted my reputation for taking phone calls and its got me thinking how I can improve the situation.  

This new service is provided exclusively for people who want to buy something or require advice on buying decisions. 

During any one day I have my emails, live chat service, in store customers and then people who contact me by phone.

I have a page dedicated to the "in store experience" and the best way of enjoying what I have to offer in store.  So I wont waffle on about that right here.

But imagine a scenario where someone is talking to me in store, my live chat is busy with a couple of conversations - then the phone rings!  Do I answer it?  OK - Lets answer it .... only to find its someone trying to sell me electricity or a new telephone contract!  Then of course it could be someone wanting to track an order or any other myriad of possibilities.

In order to provide THE best service to my new customers they need to stand out from the crowd so to speak.  IF I know to speak to the people who need genuine help and I am able to speak to them at the right moment - they will get the very best service from me.

So here is how it now works....

I have a  24/7 DEDICATED Enquiries & Sales call back service: Tel: 020 8242 4093

You call

You leave a message

I call you back as a top priority

Once we have had our initial conversation I will post your contact details to my customer database so that next time you call the shop on my regular line I will know its you calling!  I can then answer the call if I am able or contact you right back knowing you are still a priority to me (as I can see you are not trying to sell me insurance, electricity etc!!)

Contacting my 24/7 call back service literally provides you and me an opportunity to talk on the phone at crazy hours - if I am available - I will ring you!  I know it's selfish but please understand that if you are calling about a starter pack for your so its most likely I will call you back during work hours but if you are calling about a product I specialise in like Faith, Furch, Eastman etc. then I will be right back in touch whatever the time - if I can of course.

This new line is ONLY for sales inquiries and NOT for order tracking.  It is not for people to ask whether I will buy their guitar.  Its not for asking if the shop will be open on Tuesday to collect your guitar.  Any message I receive that is unrelated to sales enquiries will be ignored so PLEASE do not use the line - Remember - My live help is available most hours most days for all that kind of thing too.

I really hope that my customers will value this new service and see it as yet another step in the right direction to provide first class service to all my customers.

I am ALWAYS trying my best and have already enjoyed some great chats using the new service - even whilst enjoying my holiday which is just coming to an end as I write this.  In fact - I set the whole service up whilst away - so it shows a holiday is good to gain a fresh perspective sometimes.

If you are considering a new guitar and are looking advice - give the new service a test drive!

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