Shergold Guitars In Stock

Shergold Guitars In Stock

Shergold guitars are finally in stock!

After 2 years of waiting patiently they have finally become a reality.  I KNEW Patrick James Eggle and the owners of the brand at Barnes & Mullins would not let me down.

The range is simple - One body design - 3 different pickup configurations and 4 color options.

The complexity is in covering every wonderful aspect of these guitars - they are truly awesome.

Here are just some of them...

The wonderful Shergold Masquerader Headstock In Rosewood  

Shergold SM Headstock


The quality locking machine heads and check out that hand written serial number...pure class!

Locking machine heads on Shergold guitars


These guitars have incredible bite and natural tone and I believe this comes from the telecaster style bridge and pickup plate - and check out the Shergold branding stamped into the plate - so classy.

Bridge and pickup plate


Shergold Fretmarkers are the coolest I have seen for some time...

 Shergold Fret Markers


...Mirrored beautifully along the top edge

Shergold Fretmarkers


All Shergolds feature this outstanding hand rubbed rosewood neck that ooz quality and feel just amazing.

Shergold Rosewood Neck


All Shergold guitars feature Seymour Duncan Pickups.  You have 3 pickup configurations to choose from....

Shergold Guitars Feature Seymour Duncan Pickups


...and here they are!

Shergold Guitars pickup configurations

The Masquerader has managed to be vintage/retro yet chique and incredibly modern at the same time!  How on Earth did they do that?!!!  They are a crazy blend of modern style and concept guitar production yet when you play it you instantly feel you are playing a vintage classic.

I do hope you will visit if you can and put my thoughts on these guitars to the test or if you are considering buying a Shergold Masquerader online, if it fails to impress or inspire you in any way I would expect you to return it immediately.

Expect to see great things said about these guitar in the press.  After 22 years studying guitars produced in the market and seeing the mediocre mass produced offerings of so many brands these days THIS range will shine like a beacon!  Just you wait!

Thank you Patrick James Eggle and everyone involved in the project.  You all deserve it to be a success.  I just hope you guys agree with me!!

Click to Buy Shergold Masquerader online and view the range.

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