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I am SO excited about a major new development which enables me to finally connect so much more closely with those who need it and/or deserve it!

Richards Regulars is the name of the subcription tier within "Patreon" (a membership based communication platform) that gives the greatest value for my "customers" new and old.

So here are a few Q&A that help you see if its right for you...

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is commonly used by creators whereby donations or monthly subscriptions can be offered by "appreciators".  The creator then has the opportunity to offer their "return value".

So There is a "Cost"?

Yes!  However its tiny and a very (VERY) important factor for me personally to ensure only the people who need it / want it - get involved.  If 2 or 5 GBP a month puts you off - its CLEARLY NOT right for you.

Why Do I need It?

Lets look at the "Richards Regular" membership at 5 GBP a month.  If you are a long term customer or are thinking of buying a guitar from me in the future the 5 GBP membership is almost certainly going to bring you great benefits.  Ranging from priority placement in the workshop queue, through to a direct contact with me within Patreon with a guaranteed same day reply - to up to 10% off guitar purchases (5% as standard after 12 months but many offers and deals will be available within the membership throughout the year.  I get so many deals thrown at me through the year and will pop them on Patreon for you to take or leave as you need to).   Even FREE delivery on your guitar purchases.

You see - Patreon is about connecting you and me - for the long term.  I dont want your Patreon money.  I want to give you the very best service you could ever imagine possible - that even goes beyond everything I do already!   

It makes you a person who I owe my gratitute for supporting me and my business.

If you follow my content online "Richards Regulars" receive 5% off ANY guitar featured on youtube since becoming a member!  10% if you buy the featured guitar within 7 days of the presentation online going live!  In return all I want is your feedback on the service received and your views on the guitar.

Its possible you want to chat to me about Tuitional content I have started doing (going back to my roots!!) and all this can be done via your patreon portal if you are a Richards Regular.  I am also posting the images used and links to further useful content alongside the videos.

Bottom line - Patreon may be completely unnecessary for you.  Maybe you just want to buy a guitar and be happy with it - and I wont see you again?  Sadly that may be the case - but if you want - as I do - to have a long term connection with me directly - not just the "business" then my Patreon may well be perfect for you.

For me - I am excited about it and have really enjoyed the first couple of days and it seems the people subscribing have appreciated it too.

Hope to see you "on the other side"

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A Couple More Q&A

As a shop customer - Do I get LESS service then if I dont become a monthly member?

No!  Of course not!  I provide around the clock support on my live chat and everything I have always offered remains 100% in place.   As a customer you will always receive the very best service I can possibly offer.  However - imagine the scenario...  You are a good customer - you have bought 3 guitars from me before and you have a delay - or a question - or needing support.  We have systems in place for that of course - people in my team that handle customer support and sales with me etc.  Patreon.  That enables you to literally pop me a private message and I am IMMEDIATELY aware we need this sorting.  Its just not possible for me to be THAT on top of EVERY scenario.  So its a NEW additional level and if I ever find anything better I will do that TOO!  I just want the very best for my customers.  To reward them too for their support as I mention above.

I value EVERY customer regardless of patreon but patreon helps me help you.  Its that simple.  If you don't need it - don't use it.

What if I pay the monthly fee and don't buy a guitar in year 1?  Is that my money wasted?

Lets put it this way.  Worst case scenario you join as a regular.  You pay your membership for 12 months and...

You dont ever need me. 

You dont ever ask me questions for support or have any requirement for me whatsoever.

You don't watch any of my video content - you don't benefit from it in any way or it helps you make an informed decision when buying from a friend or another store.

You dont benefit from any of the tuition videos and you feel the money spent really has not been of any benefit to you at all.

BUT in year 2 you need your new guitar?  What does that tell me?  It tells me you have AT LEAST been supporting ME and wanting the opportunity to help me and despite all of the above you haven't cancelled your membership?!!!

Naturally it would depend on the value of the guitar but I would be looking to look after you and demonstrate your support of my business has not gone without appreciation.

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