Serving You During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Serving You During The Coronavirus Outbreak




For the safety of the public, our customers and team, our showroom will be closed until further notice.  However we are 100% commited as always to our online service for which we are reputed.  

Please support us at this time.  Make use of our live chat service, my online videos and dedicated online service.  

If you are an online customer (90% of our customers!) then this announcement will have no impact on you whatsoever.

If you were hoping to visit our showroom, please do support my decision which is made completely selfessly for the good of the population as a whole.  Small changes by everyone will make a massive difference.  This is something we can all hopefully learn from in the future.  Individually we may feel powerless but as a whole we really are strong.

Thank you to everyone who supports our business and I look forward to chatting to you online or over the phone shortly!




In store

It is important to stress that we are fully open for business & we are taking your health & safety as our #1 priority.

Thankfully Richards Guitars is not a high foot fall business.  We are not on the high street and do not rely on a lot of people visiting us on a daily basis. 90% of our business is generated online so very little person to person contact is ever likely in our day to day business.

We are asking our visitors (politely!) to wash their hands in the toilet before entering the showroom.  If you have your own hand sanitizer - great!  Please use it between sampling guitars.

These simple, practical steps ensure all our staff and customers feel protected - however unlikely it is that a virus may be contaminating a surface in our building.

Even during a normal day at work we would not expect any customers to be too close to any other (especially now we are in the new showroom which gives a lot of addtional space) but we are being particularly mindful to ensure our customers feel completely comfortable and safe.

If you would like to visit and feel more comfortable in a private space just let us know in advance and we will make sure this happens and you will not be close to other visitors for the duration of your visit.  We have a couple of areas where this is possible.


All aspects of our online service are currently running as normal.

Live chat is central to my communication with customers which it has been for over 20 years. In the current climate I am making sure online chat remains available until late at night - as normal!

I am proud of our promise to offer you service you wish you could find locally - which we continue to offer online.

Over 50,000 customers have experienced our online service over the past 25 years so if you haven't ordered online before - please don't be concerned.  If you feel its the safest option at this time I promise we won't let you down.


I am very consious of the fact there will be many people right now who are "self isolating" either through choice or otherwise.  This may include you?  Either way I hope I can provide some entertainment to help quell the boredom! 

I will try my best to bring you regular videos and take you away from the doom and gloom on the news.  I think the more we can focus as much as possible on being "normal" the better.  Anxiety isn't good for the immunity so lets try and relax together as much as possible!!!

You will find my videos at




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