+1500 Online Reviews From Google, Facebook, Yotpo & Trustpilot!

+1500 Online Reviews From Google, Facebook, Yotpo & Trustpilot!

Over 1500 Genuine Reviews from trusted online sources

I am very proud of the service we offer which is truly bespoke with a focus on the quality of recommendation and the guitar setup to perfection pre sale.

I put this page together on 12 November 2018.  Naturally there will be more as time goes on but I put this together to enable you to access all the legitimate review resources online...


1038 Yotpo Reviews

1038 5 star reviews!



357 Trustpilot Reviews

357 reviews, 95% believe our service is great or excellent - and believe me - I will do everything I can do make that 100%



65 Facebook Reviews

55 Facebook reviews with an average of 4.8 out of 5



41 Google Reviews

28 Google reviews averaging 4.5 stars for Richards Guitars



13 reviews averaging 4.5 stars for Rguitars.co.uk



Needless to say the reviews are from third party review sites and hopefully will give you total peace of mind.

If you ever need me just click on the live chat link - I am available most hours.

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