The Best Portable Busking Amp? Kinsman KAA70 Acoustic Amp

The Best Portable Busking Amp?  Kinsman KAA70 Acoustic Amp

Wow wow wow!

The Kinsman KAA70.  What can I say?  Needless to say I have big smile on my face whilst writing this...

Finding a decent, affordable acoustic guitar amp is never an easy task.  Quite often tonally uninspiring and my general advice is save a little longer for something like an Acus - but this has all been thrown on its head now this little beauty has turned up.

At just £399 its not "toooo" expensive but you get SO many wonderful features its worth every penny.

I have never had so much fun - and that is what guitar playing should be all about.

This little beauty turns playing your acoustic guitar on your own into something so much more special - whether you are wanting to go busking, playing for your own pleasure in the back garden or even just in your lounge.  This has something for everyone.  I LOVE IT!

It comes with a quality carry case .  Its great to see they have thought hard about the practical use of this amp.  If you are travelling from place to place then you want a really comfortable method of carrying it and they have nailed this straight off.  It acts like a back pack - perfect!

With twin inputs this amp is set up for vocalist and musician - or two musical instruments if necessary - along with bluetooth connection so you can play along.  The results are inspiring.

It has so many well thought out features I felt it important to put this video together the day it arrived in - so these are my first experiences with the amp - and trust me I DON'T impress easily when it comes to affordable acoustic guitar amps!  This one did far more than that I assure you.  It blew me away in terms of fun for pound spent!

Enjoy the video!

If you buy the Kinsman acoustic amp with a guitar at the same time, please quote STRAPTOO  at the checkout and you will be rewarded with a hand made leather guitar strap - the highest quality you will ever experience FREE of charge (worth £89 - visit for details)


BUY Kinsman KAA70 HERE


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