GuitarStraps - Guitar Straps For Sale

GuitarStraps - Guitar Straps For Sale

The feedback from players who have experienced my hand made leather guitar straps (Walsall - Check out the website for details) has been overwelming.  Every single person who has bought one has come back to me with the report that its the best strap they have ever invested in. Pure Luxury that will last a lifetime.  

What has been expressed however is the question to why I don't sell a range of straps for all price points - for the every day buyer.

So.... with that said I introduce you to our new brand of guitar straps!

I have a brilliant supplier who produce straps for many high street names and I now have a wide range of guitar straps being made for me under my own exclusive brand GuitarStraps (

Yes, the brand took me some time to think of - I like the fact it .... well... explains what it is pretty well don't you think!!! ?

Finally my customers can buy a strap when they pick up their new guitar and of course you will be able to order them online too.

Whilst the straps will be very affordable - if you know me - you will know I would never sell rubbish so you will be able trust the quality is excellent.

When they arrive I will bring you pics - maybe join my Instagram as they will no doubt appear there too.

Having control over my own brand means I will be able to react to customer feedback and develop the range to suit my customers. 



 Guitar Straps For Sale

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