I Played The The LAG Hyvibe THV10DCE And Haven't Stopped Smiling Since!

I Played The The LAG Hyvibe THV10DCE  And Haven't Stopped Smiling Since!

LAG Hyvibe - My First Impressions...

So lets start this little blog with the very very first comment that appeared on my Facebook page when I mentioned how excited I was after trying the LAG THV10DCE Hyvibe.

" An acoustic guitar is already, by definition and construction an amplifier, speaker and FX processor. Perhaps you should concentrate on making good guitars and helping people to play them well rather than trying to sell them gimmicks. "

Hmmm... not the most positive of feedback.  So what does this tell you? 

For sure - Hyvibe will divide opinion when people first hear of it (but haven't actually tried one) .   I can see it as the marmite of the guitar World even after trying one.  Thankfully for me I LOVE Marmite - but I would go as far to say this...

If you have a sense of fun - play the guitar to have fun - want to experience your acoustic instrument in totally new way and make your guitar playing instantly more interactive and accessible and more enjoyable in any environment you wish at any time - you are just going to LOVE Hyvibe.

This isn't a guitar for the purist - because it ISN'T just a guitar - its a creative tool - an inspiration machine.  This isn't going to be the guitar you turn to for the best possible acoustic tone on the market for £1000.  You will be buying a Hyvibe because...

1) You want to play to play along to backing tracks - or along with your favorite guitarist or band ANY time - ANY place.  As long as you have your phone in your pocket.  Your acoustic guitar generates all the music!  Your playing AND the music all come from your guitar!  

2) You love the idea of expressing your genuine acoustic tone in fresh new ways.   Reverb, delay, chorus are all now a REALITY without any form of amplification whatsoever.  Your acoustic guitar generates it all.

3) You love the idea of being inspired by looping!  The built in loop pedal enables you to play a backing groove and play over the top - enabling you to create new musical ideas.  A songwriters dream tool.  Remember - no cables, no amplification - you can do this at the top of a mountain or on the beach if you fancy!

4) You want the coolest, rock 'n roll wireless speaker system any guitar could ever wish for.... your acoustic guitar.  Have your guitar wake you in the morning to the sound of Pearl Jam or Jimi Hendrix! 

If like me ANY of the above sound exciting to you - then you are going to love the LAG Hyvibe guitars.  If the above sounds like a distraction from the purity of acoustic guitar playing - a novelty that undermines the values of it being an acoustic guitar - then you will hate it.

Something really important to remember is that the Hyvibe concept is the guitar with all the gubbins inside it that make it work its black magic - and the Hyvibe APP which allows you to create the sounds which are controlled via your panel on the guitar - or the app.  The amazing thing is that the app will continue to develop and develop - the app will become more and more powerful and the guitar will become more and more diverse in its range of sounds and functions.  So what I am saying is.... you buy the guitar now.... and it endlessly updates ITSELF as time goes on!!!! CRAZY!!!

 The following video will give you a SENSE of what to expect but check out my own personal video on this guitar which will be available shortly - I cannot wait to show you what it does!! Or...

Buy Lag Hyvibe Online


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