August 28, 2016

Richards Rewards - Receive Future Savings Or Gifts

I am really excited to announce my new customer loyalty scheme.

Using some cool technology I can now reward you for all the things I would love to do under normal circumstances but just cannot do so without the technology in place.

Basically - you earn points for a range of activities from making purchases through to liking my Facebook page, writing a review or reffering me to your friends, family or people who visit your website.

Anyone who makes a guitar purchase from your referral will earn you £10!

Its lots of fun and I hope you will join the scheme, make savings and help me spread the word of my service to people you know.

Thank you!

August 02, 2016

Godin XTSA Rosewood Limited Edition

The stunning Godin XTSA is now available in rosewood for a limited period of time.

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July 31, 2016

Richards Guitars Hits 1000 Reviews!

THANK YOU for your support and your wonderful reviews - as we hit 1000!

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July 18, 2016

The Best Electro Acoustic Under £1000...

The reason why the 422CE  (and 322CE, its mahogany back and sided brother) is so relevent is that Eastman have taken everything to new levels at a price that fits beautifully between Faith and competing with Furch (World Class acoustics - You would need to look at a Furch G23SRC and at the cost of Fishman Electronics as the next step up in class but now you are looking at £1600+)

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July 16, 2016

Showroom Back To Full Operation!

Its taken me a couple of weeks and I am really sorry to anyone who has not received the normal online service or been able to get through on the phones!  

We have however broken the back of things now and the shop is back to full speed as will be my live chat service and operational hours.

Check out the progress pics...

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July 15, 2016

Eastman "Acoustic & Jazz" Zone now open!

Whether it be an acoustic guitar (from as little has £500 for a completely hand made all solid wood instrument - no machines used at all) or archtop starting from £800 you will surely enjoy the experience testing them out in our new acoustic & jazz zone.

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July 11, 2016

Showroom Update 11/07/2016

Wow wow WOW!

I cannot tell you how much I love the new "Eastman Acoustic & Jazz" zone.  The colors of the walls look lush, as does the lighting and wood floor - I could not be happier!  Yehaa!

A huge Eastman delivery arrived a little earlier than anticipated so I still cannot move in the showroom but that should be a relatively short term problem now that I have my.....

200 square feet of storage!  Got the keys today!  

For anyone who has been to my showroom, you will know I have hard cases coming out of my ears - well these can now be completely removed from the building, along with all my flat packs stored on site and literally anything that is not required on a day to day basis to run the shop.

This is a massive development and will improve the entire in store experience for my customers and improve my efficiency in my daily activities.  My storage facility is only a couple of minutes away so its all working out really well.

As of this minute the showroom still looks like a bomb site but if you give me another 24/48 hours I should be able to get some pics of a rather tasty showroom to you and you can start to visit with confidence that I won't be pulling my hair out.

I have a couple of bookings for the weekend so will definitely be 100% by then - I promise!