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Article: Vintage VSA500 For Under £400 OR £3000 For A Gibson ES335? You Decide!

Vintage VSA500 For Under £400 OR £3000 For A Gibson ES335?  You Decide!

Vintage VSA500 For Under £400 OR £3000 For A Gibson ES335? You Decide!

I cannot believe its 2 years ago since I did this comparison video - comparing the Vintage VSA500 directly to a Gibson ES335

In the 2 years since I put the video out there, the video has been seen 45,000 times and I have not removed a single comment.  Not one.

In other words - the 380+ comments from guitarists are there for you to browse as evidence of whether my opinions are close or not!

I remember when I did the video - and I think I mention it?  It took me 3  days to do because I was SO INCREDIBLY blown away by the Vintage that I couldnt get my head around just how good it was - and I didnt want the video to come across as "insincere".  Sometimes when I am so in aw of something I think it can come across as sales pitch - but in the years that I have been doing Youtube videos every single one has been from the heart.

My genuine gut feeling when I thought of doing the video would be that the Vintage VSA500 flaws and tonal dimension would be seen as a  downside (when I eventually found them through playing) - but an acceptable one due to the price - but I never for one minute thought I would experience such incredibly authentic tone & feel. 

Anyway - Please do watch the video for a 100% sincere overview of the Viintage VSA500 as it is compared to what WAS a £3000 Gibson ES335 (which would now be a lot more).  

Vintage brand guitars offer guitarists an instrument that is not only affordable but somehow (don't ask me how they do it!) have the so hard to find MOJO that goes along with it too. 

If you are looking for an affordable electric guitar with classic styling covering the old school designs Vintage Guitars should be your first choice - and this is why I totally dedicate my time and energy to them - so people can buy inspiring guitars at a budget price without compromise*

*Please refer to our Custom Pro Upgrade with regards to getting the very best out of your Vintage brand guitar.

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