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    Cort Guitars

    For 2022 Cort Guitars bring an exciting and diverse range of... (click on the links to see the various Cort guitar genres)

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    Cort Guitars are the largest manufacturer of guitars in the World, producing guitars not just for Cort themselves but for most of the largest guitar brands in the Industry including Ibanez guitars, Fender guitars, Schecter guitars, Musicman guitars and many more.

    Buying a Cort guitar ensures you benefit from huge savings, bypassing the hype and marketing surrounding these big brand names whilst benefiting from the incredibly high quality production techniques used by the largest manufactuer of guitars in the World.

    I have specialised in Cort guitars for 26 years!  Keen for people to buy the very best value and quality rather than being sucked into mass marketing.

    Anything you need to know about Cort guitars - I can help!

    You will also some of my Cort guitars advice available via my youtube channel which I would love you to join